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By: gogoWes
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> Announcement: Extremely Important, READ NOW! UPDATED 6/15/07
Extremely Important, READ NOW! UPDATED 6/15/07 


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To our fresh faces: Yes, our Beginner's Trading Post is a good way to make a quick buck, but there are many rules which you need to abide by. Mainly:

-Never do the same offers twice. No excuses, you won't be paid by anyone if you do.
-Never sign up to the same site twice. Yes, you can sign up for different sites within the same network, but never the same exact site. For example, I can do ipods.free4me and wii.free4me, but not wii.free4me twice. (***As of March 09, Free4Me does now allow this... but almost no other networks do)
-When signing up for someone's site, always use their direct referral link and not something masked like this
-Use VALID personal information. As soon as the owners and staff members see that you used the phone number of your local walmart instead of your real phone number, you will be put on hold and banned from here.
-Use your own credit card, and never do an offer just to get paid. Always try the offer out. Canceling immediately or before you've tried the product out will get you put on hold and banned from A4F.
-If you participate in trades via AIM, be sure to verify they are who they say they are by getting the trader to post on A4F.

If you follow these simple rules, you can stay longer and make even more money, if you don't, you won't be paid by our traders and you will be banned from A4F.

UPDATE: First off, it seems like the new traders are doing a great job around here. Just wanted to say thanks for joining and improving Anything4Free!

Update #2: Don't use AOL to complete freebie sites!! Egyptianruin pointed out the high number of recent signups through AOL IP addresses, and this is a red flag because many freebie sites, Free4Me for example, do not allow AOL IPs to sign up and do offers. So if you are an AOL user, be sure to read the Terms Of Service thoroughly before signing up. Or better yet, upgrade to a real internet provider, and you won't have problems at all. Also, Walmart Connect and Netscape Connect use AOL, so please do not use those either. Netzero is another internet provider that is questionable for use on freebie sites. Please be careful of using ANY dial-up service on freebie sites or here on A4F.

Update #3: Go HERE for a quick lesson in freebie basics.

Update #4: It has come to my attention that these two internet services also use AOL's proxies, so please do not use them here or on freebie sites: WAL MART CONNECT and NETSCAPE CONNECT.

Update #5: NEW RULE: Effective immediately, any use of, selling, or promotion of of prepaid cards or virtual credit cards will get you placed on hold on the majority of freebie networks as well as banned from Anything4Free. So don't use 'em! If anyone has any knowledge of someone using a prepaid/virtual/stolen cc, please report this user to a staff person.

Now that you are familiar with the most basic Freebie Trading rules, please see [THIS THREAD] for a How-To with regards to trading on our forum and through our Trade Manager.
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