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By: gogoWes
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> Announcement: How-To Trade and Earn Trade Rating (TR)
How-To Trade and Earn Trade Rating (TR) 


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I've removed all the previous TR Rules, because now with the new Trade Manager almost all of the rules are built-in to the system, so there is no way to do an "illegal" trade. However, there are a couple exceptions that still should be mentioned:

  • $15 is the magic number. If you want to leave your fellow trader a comment in order to get a TR (Trade Rating) point, the trade value has to be at or above $15. So if you are doing non-cc sites and paying $5 for example, you need to manually trade with that person for 3 non-cc greens, which would equal $15 and therefore allow a comment to be approved for the trade. This goes for currency exchanges, loans, etc.

  • Mark it Complete or Comment Posted. When a trade is complete and therefore you want to leave a comment and rating for your partner and have them do the same for you, you MUST update your status within that trade to Completed or Comment Posted. If you do not, the system does not think the trade is ready for comments so it does not allow comments to be added.

  • No TR without TM. This is a given... but just so we're clear, you cannot earn a TR point for a trade unless that trade was setup and completed through our Trade Manager.

Quick HOW-TO Operate Trade Manager and Trading on A4F:

  • To get started trading, head to our Beginner's Trading Post and find some trades. Once you do, click that user's Trade Offers number from their user info on the side of their post and in their profile. Find a Trade Offer from their Offers page that interests you and click More Info. From the proceeding page, read the details and if they work for you, click Initiate Trade after filling out the form. Then once the offerer approves your initiation, you'll be trading. biggrin.gif

  • So you'll get a PM informing you that your trade initiation has been approved and the trade has now officially started. That PM will also contain a link to that specific trade, so click that to go there or go to your My Trades page and click your status to get to that trade's page. That page is where pretty much everything else related to that specific trade will happen. You will see your trade partner's link listed, so click that which will bring you to the freebie site. Then sign up and do an offer to get credit. For a more in-debth discussion on this part (completing offers) please see this thread for a guide and link to other guides. Then go back to your trade page and change your status accordingly, most likely one of the Offer(s) Complete statuses.

  • Once you do get credit for the offer (be sure to check the freebie site from time to time if you are waiting for credit), then mark your status to Offer(s) Complete - Green and let your partner know. They should then send you paypal and mark it Completed. Once you verify you received the paypal, Mark your side Completed and then leave a comment and rating for your partner and they will do the same for you.

  • Now that the trade is done, mark it Comment Posted and a TM Moderator will be there to approve your comment shortly. Once approved, you'll get a PM from the person who approved it, stating that it was approved. If its rejected, you'll also be notified. Once both parties have left feedback, you can go ahead and move it to your Archived Trades so you can focus on the rest of your still on-going trades.

Trading Permissions and TR

Trade Rating < 4 TR: Members under 4 TR can ONLY access the BTP and can ONLY reply in threads.
  1. Beginner's Trading Post

Trade Rating > 4 TR Members and Premium Members < 4 TR: Members at 4 TR or above and Premium Members under 4 TR can ONLY access the 3 normal trading forums and can BOTH reply and create new threads. You can now add your own trade topics by clicking the New Topic button on the top right side of the page from within any of those 3 forums. If you have at least 4 TR and you want access to the BTP to create your own topics there and therefore trade with n00bs under 4TR, you could click the A4F Memberships link in the Site Menu dropdown in the board header (look up and to the right)...
  1. Referral for Referral
  2. Referral for Cash
  3. Referral for Other

Trade Rating > 4 TR Premiums: Premium Members at 4TR or above can access BOTH the BTP and the 3 normal trading forums and of course can BOTH reply and post new topics.
  1. Beginner's Trading Post
  2. Referral for Referral
  3. Referral for Cash
  4. Referral for Other

And those trading forum TR rules apply EXACTLY THE SAME in Trade Manager. So if you want to trade with a n00b to get TR via the TM, you have to be 4+TR Premium.

There is 1 exception to those above TR rules, if you were 50+TR BEFORE Premium Membership was announced, you were entitled to 1 free year of Beginner's Trading Post access. That doesn't mean they got to change their group to Premium, it just means they had access to trading with under 4TR in the forums and in TM.
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