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By: gogoWes
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> Announcement: *New Trade Rules*
*New Trade Rules* 


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Scamming is killing the freebie trading scene. Anything4Free seems to be the prime target for international and domestic scammers in both ref for ref and ref for cash trades. The majority of said scamming occurs in n00b on n00b trading. We have always relied on spreading knowledge and information as our anti-scamming policy, in hopes that by educating our user base they will not put themselves in "high risk" trade situations. This method, in the big picture, does not seem to be working. So after much deliberation and discussion, we have decided on a new plan that we feel is the best possible compromise between all parties. The details:

We have added a new trading forum called Beginner's Trading Post within our Trading Forum. As the name implies, this forum will be open to beginner traders (anyone with fewer than 4TR, the number may change later) as well as our new member group A4F Premium Members. However, only Premium Members will be allowed to start threads. Members with over 4TR who have yet to upgrade their account to Premium will not have access.

There are two ways a new user, or anyone with fewer than 4TR, can "graduate" to the normal trading forums. Either by 1) meeting the minimum TR requirements (4 for now) or 2) becoming an A4F Premium Member. However, if they choose the latter, they will have access to both forums, but will only be able to start new threads in the normal trading forums. The idea being that only "experienced" or "safe" traders will be trading with 0-3TR'ers. But at the same time, if a new member, for instance comes from another forum and wants to go straight to trading for their own refs, they have the option of becoming Premium so they can access the normal trade forums.

Of course, to go along with this new system, the TR rules have been adjusted as well, in that anyone with fewer than 4TR can only trade with, and therefore receive TR, from Premium Users over 4TR, OR 50+TR traders.

Premium Member Perks:

  1. Access and ability to create new topics in Beginner's Trading Post provided you meet the 4TR minimum
  2. 2500 PM inbox space
  3. Ability to add custom song to your profile
  4. Bright orange forum-matching username color everywhere in the forums
  5. Matching Premium Member icon
  6. Shorter Flood Control (search as fast as you want)

29.95/6 months OR 49.95/year

Besides all the perks you get for becoming Premium, there is a responsibility that comes with it. This whole system is predicated on the idea that people who are in freebies enough to know the value of their 29.95/49.95 purchase should have better judgment compared to your average freebie'er. Therefore it is up to you to make sure you take every precaution when trading with the 0-3Tr n00bs. That is the high risk area. And the Premium Members will now be the first line of defense.

The rules are effective immediately and anyone who wants to become Premium can do so by opening a support ticket on our Ticket System in the Premium Member department. The first 5 members to purchase Premium get the first 5 pinned spots for free smile.gif

We realize many of you have still not reached 4TR and therefore will now not have access to your trade threads. Please open a ticket on our Ticket System if you have an open thread you now cannot reach and we will either delete it or close it for you, depending on what you wish. We will then be removing any open trade threads that do not meet the necessary requirements if we do not hear from you.

And lastly, our plan of attack against scamming is two-fold, this is only the first measure. Once the second one is ready, it will go live and help even further. And that one doens't have anything to do with money or member accounts. If you guess what it is, I won't respond so don't waste your breath (err, finger movement).

For more info on trading on A4F and especially if you are new, please read This Thread.
A4F Administration
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