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New post - June 2015

Posted by wozniack, Jun 27 2015, 07:00 PM

Hi everyone. Below is this month's posts. Please visit my site!


New post - March 2015

Posted by wozniack, Mar 16 2015, 07:00 PM

Hi everyone. Below is this month's posts. Please visit my site!


New posts - December 2014

Posted by wozniack, Dec 12 2014, 12:00 PM

Hi everyone. Below are this month's posts. Please visit my site!



New blog, forum and old usernames...

Posted by wozniack, Sep 13 2014, 07:00 PM

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our new home! It isn't the red and black Wordpress theme that we're accustomed to, but I made changes that we can all be comfortable with. I widened the text just like the old blog; designed a forum button to match our blog's colors; and chose a warm red for our blog since most of you stated you liked red for the template. This will be our blog's permanent home. I only moved it because we risked losing our content and, now that we aren't under a web host, that weight has been lifted, and our site and forum remains safe.

I also created a new home for our forum. You can access the forum link to the right of this post. Those who were registered on the old forum must contact me directly at diyfreebies@gmail.com to get your new password. I had to manually register the old accounts on the new forum as well as move over everyone's posts.

If anyone has any questions at all, please let me know.



P.S.-- This post was taken from diyfreebies.com

Current situation...

Posted by wozniack, Aug 18 2014, 07:00 PM

Hi everyone,

I need to update you on the status of our forum and blog. A blog is posted every three months without fail, but along the way I was met with many personal challenges which prevented me from posting and, as a result, I fell short of my readers' expectations. For that, I'm sorry. This blog is not dead, I just have to make the necessary changes in order for it to survive. I've been given a deadline of September 7th to move all the site's contents, forum included, to another location before it is erased. My plan is to point the domain (DIYfreebies.com) to our BlogSpot location: http://wozniack.blogspot.com/ and move our forum to another location. Moving the forum will be the hardest as I have to manually copy over all content to the new forum, and that could take weeks.

Is anyone good at domain pointing? I need help pointing the domain to Blogger. GoDaddy keeps rejecting the BlogSpot name servers, and I'm not sure if that's because I have Bluehost in the background running the GoDaddy name servers or not. If I disable the Bluehost name servers maybe GoDaddy will accept the BlogSpot nameservers? If anyone could do this for me it would save me a lot of time, because I tried for hours the other night and couldn't make it work. As soon as this is accomplished, I need to refresh my brain before my next post and collect my new information. I cannot give a date for the next entry, but I will make a brief post once I have it prepared.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Santa's workshop, Part 2. Gift sites affiliated with giftcardclub.net revealed, payment report from Ace Brands Online + shipping locations questioned

Posted by wozniack, Dec 6 2013, 09:00 PM

Gift sites affiliated with giftcardclub.net revealed; member reports payment from Canadian company Ace Brands Online + shipping locations questioned. Read on...

You might remember a company I wrote about last year called Ace Brands Online. We weren't too sure about them then, but now someone has come forward with a payment report and has allowed me to share their experience. Before we continue, please refresh yourselves with these blog entries on Ace Brands Online: Caivis complaint and discussion... -- Owner of revpath.com denies... -- Once you have done so, please see this person's message to me below.

Ace Brands Online member:

"Hey woz,

This PM is about popularproductsonline.

I am writing you to confirm that this company paid me for my participation in their DIY.

I completed something like 9 offers in late July or beginning of August. My offers reported within a week, some of them instant. Did anfew repeats for nom reporting offers so more like 11 or
12 offers. I filled out an electronic redemption form on Aug 6. I received an email that said I would hear back from somebody on 30-90 days!!

Their terms and conditions depending which page you read have conflicting rules whether there is a CL or not. Very confusing and stupid so ignored it. It said like, keep every single offer from
the time you send your redemption for, until the time they ship your gift.

Since almost 2 months passed I wrote the, two question and complaint emails, threatening to report them if I don't at least get a response from customer service, which I did not for both emails.

In the end though I don't think it was my complaints that worked but rather their oddball wall of doing redemptions.

Almost 60 days after I sent my redemption form, I got a phone call on my cell, the number I must have given them, that all my offers were successfully completed according to their advertiser's
and that they needed to confirm my shipping address. They left a voicemail, I called the, back and asked for the person who called me which is what she asked me to so on the voicemail.
I confirmed my address and aue said I will receive my gift in 15-20 business days, but I ended up receiving something from the, just less than 1 week later.

My sign up gift was an iPhone 5 (2012) and that is in fact what they sent me in the box. I sold it already and got 450 for it so I am a happy camper. I totally wrote them off as unresponsive/scam so I don't even mind that I got my one lifetime gift you are allowed to receive from them.

I am going to leave you some info below, the number they called me from, the number I sent back to them, and the address the prize came from. For some reason I think the phone number
was Canadian. Oh yea it was, the area code.
Phone number they called me from: 647-123-4567
Phone number they told me to call back: 1-877-707-1771

Address the gift came from:
No name/company name
417 Knightsbridge Cr
Davenport fl 33896

And the address label was handwritten in black ink and all capital letters.

Im not calling them legit yet personally, but they did follow up within the time frame their email said and they did pay me. Pretty fun to get a physical gift in the mail, just like the old DIY days

Hope that helps.

My reply:

"hi member,

hey thanks for your detailed account of your popularproductsonline experience. I actually wrote about them last year: http://www.diyfreebies.com/caivis-complain...eview-and-more/ <-- I was trying to find out if Nuitech handled their support last year but Nuitech dodged my question. they may be their own compoany with Nuitech or some other company handling their Fulfillment, OR they may do it all themselves and have a branch in Florida for processing and fulfilling peoples' gifts.

could you please send me their direct e-mail to diyfreebies@gmail.com? because I would like to contact them from my gmail account. that's awesome that they sent you an iPhone! congrats on the sale of your gift! if its alright by you, I'd like to share your e-mail on popularproducts online with my readers this month.



Ace Brand Online member's reply:

"hey woz,

whatsup! of course yea you can share the email, just leave me anonymous so i continue to dig and do gifts with my name and email

um otherwise i dont have a 'direct email' from them to send you b/c they never emailed me back and i contacted them thru the contact form on the website, popularproductsonline.com.


Although you must wait 30-90 days after submitting the electronic redemption form, they do contact you by phone to confirm your address. I guess that's just how they roll. I'm glad this person was paid, and that we have another paying DIY company. I sent Ace Brands Online a message through their contact form and asked if the Davenport, FL address is a branch of their company in the U.S., or if they hired another company to handle Fulfillment. Below is my reply from customer service at Ace Brands Online.

My message:

"From: noreply@popularproductsonline.com [mailto:noreply@popularproductsonline.com]
Sent: December-01-13 9:51 PM
To: support@popularproductsonline.com
Subject: PopularProducts Help Request

A new help requesst has been submitted:

Name: me
E-mail: diyfreebies@gmail.com
Phone: xxxx
Message: Hi,

Is the address you ship gifts from in Davenport, FL a branch of your company in Canada? Do you have locations set up in the U.S. solely for shipping rewards? Or have you hired a Florida-based company to ship rewards?

The reason I ask is so that I can sort out the addresses associated with the gift sites I've been working on.

Thank you so much...


Customer service's reply:

"from: Cheryl . Davis <support@popularproductsonline.com>
to: diyfreebies@gmail.com
date: Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 1:31 PM
subject: RE: PopularProducts Help Request


Our records indicate that you have not completed an online account with popularproductsonline.com

Please create an online account and then you will be able to login and complete the required offers to receive the prize in question.

Thank you for contacting Popular Products Online"

My reply:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
to: "Cheryl . Davis" <support@popularproductsonline.com>
date: Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 5:08 PM
subject: Re: PopularProducts Help Request
mailed-by: gmail.com


Could you please answer my questions regarding the Davenport, FL address and shipping?



Customer service's reply:

"from: Cheryl . Davis <support@popularproductsonline.com>
to: diyfreebies@gmail.com
date: Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 10:56 AM
subject: RE: PopularProducts Help Request


We do not ship gifts/rewards from the location you have listed below any gifts/rewards that are shipped are sent directly from us.

Thank you for contacting Popular Products Online"

My reply:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
to: "Cheryl . Davis" <support@popularproductsonline.com>
date: Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 8:08 PM
subject: Re: PopularProducts Help Request
mailed-by: gmail.com

So they come from your Canadian location? I ask because one or two people have stated that your rewards come from 417 Knightsbridge Cr, Davenport, FL 33896.

I am just making sure I have the right info so I don't get anything confused. smile.gif

Thank you for all your help!


Customer service's reply:

"from: Cheryl Davis <support@popularproductsonline.com>
to: diyfreebies@gmail.com
date: Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 10:28 AM
subject: RE: PopularProducts Help Request

Thank you for contacting Popular Products Online"

The Davenport, FL address could just be the location of the merchant they buy gifts from. So the merchant's Davenport, FL address is printed on the packages because they supply the gifts. The reason I asked Ace Brands Online that was to find out if they had branches in the U.S., or if they functioned primarily out of Canada. Not that important but its good to know. I like that customer service replies so fast to messages. That and there being a login to check status makes doing them worthwhile, IMO. I may try this one.

Ace Brands Online address:

120 East Beaver Creek Rd., STE #200
Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 4V1

New gift sites in connection with giftcardclub.net are live on the web. We'll look at one of them called myrewardsgroup.com, but please read these entries before doing so: DIyfreebies 5th annual anniversary blog... - RewardZone USA proven legit + payment reports -- Let's compare the gift sites' front pages, main pages, login pages, and policies.

giftcardclub.net front page:

url: http://giftcardclub.net/G/landing?campaign...id=206#vid=3056

myrewardsgroup.com front page:

url: http://myrewardsgroup.com/G/landing?campai...id=110#vid=3041

Both front pages have identical content from rule #1 to rule #4. Check out the policies...

giftcardclub.net policy:

url: http://members.giftcardclub.net/Info/pp

myrewardsgroup.com policy:

url: http://members.myrewardsgroup.com/Info/pp

The same address is in both policies: 2360 Corporate Circle Suite 400, Henderson, Nevada 89074. This confirms that giftcardclub.net and myrewardsgroup.com are from the same DIY company. We must remember that 2360 Corporate Circle is InCorp Services's address, and Gayle Clauges, the Director of Operations at InCorp Services, stated that her company does NOT own giftcardclub.net. She said InCorp Services, Inc is a registered agent for "thousands of companies," and part of that service is mail forwarding. So whoever this mystery DIY company is, they are using InCorp Services's address for their gift program, which makes it twice as hard to catch them.

giftcardclub.net main page:

url: http://giftcardclub.net/

giftcardclub.net login page:

url: http://members.giftcardclub.net/

myrewardsgroup.com main page:

url: http://www.myrewardsgroup.com/

myrewardsgroup.com login page:

url: http://members.myrewardsgroup.com/

The main and login pages are also alike, and why wouldn't they be if these sites are related? Another gift site is mygiftcardrewards.com. It has the same front page wording, main page, login page, and policy address. We just need the company's name, and we need to find out if they're paying on these sites. This may be the toughest case I've had yet! Once I know who they are, I can contact them directly and ask them some questions. But its getting to that point before I can. Its gonna be a lonnnng night of investigating! *turns on the coffee pot*

Another double blog has come to an end, I enjoyed putting it together. This year went by so fast I am still stuck in December 2012! I feel like I am continuing doing the very last thing I remember doing last year, if that makes sense. 2013 went by in a blur. I wonder if I'll remember much from 2013 years from now, hm? *in deep thought* Back to our blog, I had a blast creating this year's holiday blog posts. As busy as I've been, I had to take time out to get it done. Believe it or not, I am still out of town, so my Christmas will be spent elsewhere, which isn't so bad because I can be with my grandmother and a few relatives that I haven't seen in a while. I'm hoping to be back though after Christmas so I can take care of some things, and I miss being home.

Wishing you all and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season... Happy Holidays, and have a Happy New Year!!

Take care,


Santa’s workshop, Part 1. RMM Media, LLC warning, Amped Media addresses domain questions, holiday link list...

Posted by wozniack, Dec 6 2013, 08:00 PM

This holiday season follow Santa to his workshop for the latest rewards and DIY news! Amped Media's Jonathan Gies addresses gift site questions; RewardZone USA lookalike company, RMM Media, LLC., fails to pay member, and member tells all; holiday link list! Ho ho ho, off we go...

An update on RMM Media and their RewardZone USA lookalike sites. A member did 12+ offers on one of their sites and the gift site showed she had "0" completed. They also will not answer her e-mails. Also, RewardZone USA and Caivis denied any affiliation with RMM Media, LLC. See my exchange with this member below to learn what happened.


"from: member <xxxx@xx.com>
to: diyfreebies@gmail.com
date: Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 2:40 PM
subject: Major Problems with rewardzone usa PLEASE HELP
mailed-by: xxxx.com
signed-by: xxxx.com

Hi Woz, how are you? That time of year again and here I am back at it again, my first diy site and I think I am getting screwed. Ive tried contacting the company to no avail and no response. And now today I can't even get onto the site at all, it comes up blank. Do you have a phone number or something? I have been sending email from several different sites of theirs because there may be a problem with the one I'm doing. I completed RmmMediawards "awardhotspot.com" $1,000 visa gc in the one day and have gotten my emails from everyone but them. The site allows me to check in the status, but I shows 0 completed. I have nothing. Obviously it acknowledges my email address/account, but that is it. Also on the platinum page there is a limited amount of offers and several of them don't work, it only gives me pop-ups of other offers of theirs. Therefore in order to complete all 12 offers, I did another offer from either silver or gold, I don't remember which. I had no choice and couldn't reach anyone. I hope I don't miss out on this gc because I ended up spending a lot more than I should have because of not being able to get into other offers. I tried and tried all day, at least 22 hours I put into it, and I checked it out 1 to 2 Weeks prior to starting to be sure of what I was getting into. Now I would like to do another because I desperately need the gc's, but this site used up a lot of my finance's and offers. Please, Please, Please tell me you have a contact person or number or something. I pray you do, or I am so screwed.
After what I have read on your blog today and what I read on anything4free, I was so hoping this was an answer we have all been waiting for. I truly hope this is just a bug in their system that can be fixed and that we can straighten out my account."

Second reply from member:

"from: member <xxxx@xx.com>
to: me <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
date: Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 9:54 AM
subject: Fwd: Major Problems with rewardzone usa PLEASE HELP
mailed-by: xxxx.com
signed-by: xxxx.com

Sorry I forgot to use my user name (anything4free) that you probably remember me by tvs5146. After I sent the last message to you, I went back and finished reading your blog. Should have done that first. Do you think Im screwed? I still havent heard a word. member"

My reply:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
to: member <xxxx@xx.com>
date: Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 4:50 PM
subject: Re: Major Problems with rewardzone usa PLEASE HELP
mailed-by: xxxx.com

Hi member,

I just read your e-mails, and I am happy to help you. I contacted OnDemand Research (Caivis) since you said you did "awardspot.com," the RewardZone USA lookalike company. I don't think RMM Media (awardspot.com) is RewardZone USA, I just think their sites have the same look and feel. I asked Caivis directly if they had any involvement with the lookalike company but so far I haven't heard anything, and I don't think I will in all honesty. Caivis knows about my blog, and I don't think they like me too much.

To be sure there is no confusion, you actually did an RMM Media site? Do you still have the link so I can look at it? I just wanted to make sure you really meant the lookalike company and not the actual RewardZone USA so we don't waste time contacting the wrong company. Below is the phone number for Cavis/OnDemand Research, and I'll throw in XL Marketing's phone number as well. Also, I have included their e-mails (you might have better luck with them).

Phone numbers:

Cavis/OnDemand Research: 1-202-683-2200

XL Marketing: 212-660-2510 - 212-967-5055


Caivis/OnDemand Research: customer.service@ondemandresearch.com - inquiries@caivis.com

XL Marketing:


What I sent Caivis:


Does awardhotspot.com belong to your company? I ask because I am trying to organize the sites I do by company name and this looked like one of yours. Also, your e-mail address for OnDemand Research, customer.service@ondemandresearch.com, is present in the Privacy Policy. So I just assumed awardhotspot.com was your company's domain.



But they never replied. If you are able to speak to someone, could you please ask them if awardhotspot.com is their domain? They may just handle customer support for awardhotspot.com. I don't know. If the site you did though was awardhotspot.com then we'd find out for sure if Caivis owned it or not because they would tell you. You don't have to, but I would really appreciate it if you could. If you don't want to, that's fine. No pressure. smile.gif

One more thing. If you're able to get back into the site and it is still showing "0" offers completed, please take a screen shot of your status page. That way it gives you proof that you have an account with them in case it comes up blank and you are locked out again.

If it turns out that RewardZone USA was the actual DIY company you did and not Caivis, I will quickly look up their contact information for you.

I hope this helps. Please keep me informed on your gift's status.



Member's reply:

"from: member <xxxx@xx.com>
to: "diyfreebies@gmail.com" <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
date: Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 10:08 PM
subject: Re: Major Problems with rewardzone usa PLEASE HELP
mailed-by: xxxx.com
signed-by: xxxx.com

hi woz, well I finally got responses from the real rewardzoneusa and from Cavis/OnDemand Research. Basically nobody knows how to get in touch with this copycat company. I am forwarding the emails so you can see what was said. I cancelled the majority of the offers I took out today and explained briefly to each of them what happened. They were all pretty understanding of it. I just kept 3 of them....Disney movies, Elmo's kids club (activities/books) and I had purchased a $25 gift card from FTD Florist. I kept the 2 kids club stuff because I didn't want to ruin my name with them. member"

Second reply from member:

"from: member <xxxx@xx.com>
to: "diyfreebies@gmail.com" <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
date: Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 9:29 AM
subject: Re: Major Problems with rewardzone usa PLEASE HELP
mailed-by: xxxx.com
signed-by: xxxx.com

ok, I forwarded all 4 emails to you. As you can see awardzoneusa would like the info if we do eventually find out who they are and the Ondemandresearch co. claims they have no contact info other than what they gave me for the legit co. Oh by the way, are there any active legit rewardzoneusa sites for &1000 gc's. member"

E-mails from member to RewardZone USA and Caivis and their replies to member...

E-mail to RewardZone USA:

"member <xxxx@xx.com>

Oct 4

do you know anything about them using rewardzoneusa? That is the same as yours isn't it? How in the world do they get away with that?"

RewardZone USA's replies:

"On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 9:08 AM, <contact@rewardzoneusa.com> wrote:

Hi member,

Awardhotspot.com is not one of our domains or affiliated websites.

Thank you."

"On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 9:58 AM, <contact@rewardzoneusa.com> wrote:

Hi member,

That website and company is not affiliated with us. They copied our site, unfortunately.

We are sorry for your inconvenience.

The RewardzoneUSA Team."

E-mail to RewardZone USA:

"From: member <xxxx@xx.com>
Date: Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 10:40 AM
Subject: Re: #7445084568614338932-Please, this is urgent.
To: contact@rewardzoneusa.com

do you have any information as to how to contact them or anything? Thank you"

RewardZone USA's reply:

"From: <contact@rewardzoneusa.com>
Date: Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 11:51 AM
Subject: #7445084568614338932-Please, this is urgent.
To: 2013diyrmda@gmail.com

Hi Teresa,

Unfortunately we do not. If you locate a point of contact, please forward it to us as well.

Thank you."

E-mail to Caivis:

"From: member [mailto:xxxx@xx.com]
Sent: Friday, October 04, 2013 9:18 AM
To: customer.service@ondemandresearch.com
Subject: Urgent....Please help

I recently completed an online incentive reward site with a company by the name of RewardzoneUSA a/k/a Rmmmediaward, on a site Awardhotspot.com. I understand that you are affliated with them. Is this true? I have tried in vein to reach someone regarding my completion and can't seem to get a response from anyone. I have not rec'd credit for not one of the 12 offers that I did and now it seems the website awardhotspot is down. I spent a good deal of money doing the offers as there aren't that many to choose from and some offers cannot be accessed at all. So please if you would, be so kind and to help me reach the right party to speak with about this problem that I am having. I would be very greatful if you could help me.
Thank you, member"

Cavis' reply:

"From: Customer Service <customer.service@ondemandresearch.com>
Date: Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 9:42 AM
Subject: RE: Urgent....Please help
To: member <xxxx@xx.com>

Dear member,

Thank you for contacting us.

Please try this link: http://contact.rewardzoneusa.com/contact.aspx

This should take you to the rewards zone member support.

Regrettably, we do not have direct contact information for rewardszone USA, so we are limited in how we may help.


Customer Care"

My reply to member:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
to: member <xxxx@xx.com>
date: Sun, Oct 6, 2013 at 3:59 PM
subject: Re: Major Problems with rewardzone usa PLEASE HELP
mailed-by: xxxx.com


Thank you for the e-mails! I cautioned other members about the lookalike company on A4F today. I created a post telling everyone we had confirmation on the lookalike company, that it was not affiliated with the real RewardZone USA, and that I had to investigate them further to find out who they are.

Tonight, I will research 'RMM Media, LLC.', the company name on the lookalike sites, again to see if it'll get me somewhere. If I knew who they were, I could easily get contact info for you. I knew the lookalike sites weren't connected to RewardZone USA, but now I can confirm it thanks to you! Thank you so much. In return, I will do my best to help you get the info you need, and as quickly as possible. smile.gif

If you have any questions or need anything, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be up late tonight with my investigations, with yours being my top priority.

Kind Regards,


Member's reply:

"from: member <xxxx@xx.com>
to: "diyfreebies@gmail.com" <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
date: Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 3:14 PM
subject: Re: Major Problems with rewardzone usa PLEASE HELP
mailed-by: xxxx.com
signed-by: xxxx.com

Hi Woz, Not for anything else, but not only should they be penalized for this horrendous scam, I feel like I should take them to court...Get this, I cancelled all but 3 of the offers, i.e., Disney Movie Club, Elmo's Learning adventure and the FTD gift card I bought. I figured with the new grandbabies I thought it would be worth keeping. In the meantime I signed up at the real rewardzone usa and completed all offers. So I thgought. I took out another Disney movie club and one of the offers I cancelled, Santoku knife, I tried to take again. Santoku gave me a message that there was a problem so I tried to call but they were closed on Sunday. So I called on Monday for the heck of it. They said even though I closed the account, the system wont let me take another knife offfer, because I had the offer. I explained to the girl I spokie with what the problem was and she offered to do it over the phone, but I told her it had to be done on line through the company with a link. In the meantime, I still didnt receive any emails from Disney, which I know they can be a little slower, but I should have heard something by the next day. I found their number and called them. No record of my order. I spoke with 2 people who searched and they both couldnt find it. The one girl told me that this system doesnt allow for 2 accounts. I said shouldnt I have gotten a message or something? I said I even got a thank you when I submitted my order. No luck. So It looks like I'm screwed out of $1000 and stuck with more offers. I sent a message to the real rewrdzone usa to see if anything at all could be done since I wasn't notified by either company by 12:00 midnight. I got a response that they are looking into it. I would have thought it was just a computer generated message except that they spoke of the scam company because I had mentioned it in my message. I've been trying to do an Amped offer, but I can't seem to get to the real offer pages. It keeps taking me back to the beginning or to another site. I am going to try a different one because I spent enough time trying to do it only to start again. I just hope that scam company didn't penetrate their web site and mess things up. I cant imagine why anyone would want to copy another copy unless its to gain information that is confidential. I just hope they didnt get anything of mine (or anyone's for that matter), that could mess me up . If you could think of anything that might shed some light that could help me straighten things out so I could actually earn a real $1000 card. Hell now I need to do 2 of them. I sure would love to find these people, as I'm sure others would like to too. I'm sure sooner or later something is going to bring them out in the open. Talk to you soon. member"

Member's reply:

"from: member <xxxx@xx.com>
to: "diyfreebies@gmail.com" <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
date: Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 11:02 AM
subject: Re: Major Problems with rewardzone usa PLEASE HELP
mailed-by: xxxx.com
signed-by: xxxx.com

Hi Woz Just wanted to let you know that I did hear from the real rewardzone, and I gues I must have confused them a little with my last message to them (ticket). Here is what they sent me:

"There is a lot of confusion here.

You submitted tickets from xxxx@xx.com regarding RMMedia who we are NOT affiliated with. We can not help you with this issue.

At the same time you submitted tickets from this email xxxx@xx.com for your account which you did complete 2 silver 1 gold and 8 platinum offers. You are one gold offer shy from becoming eligible for the offer. If you have completed this offer and its simply not showing up on your incentive status page, forward the email confirmation for that missing gold offer to us and we will process your claim.

Otherwise, please use this link: http:/www.somethinghere.com to continue and finish your final gold offer.

Then submit an incentive claim referencing ticket # xxxxxxxxxx and we will process your claim.

To be clear. We are NOT associated with RMMedia. Our affiliated sites are RewardzoneUSA.com, Nationalconsumercenter.com and savingscenterusa.com. Also, please keep all further contact to one email address to avoid confusion in the future.

Thank you.
The Rewardzone USA Team."

So it seems that they might be allowing me to complete the site. I had written to them and told them how I was having problems signing up for the offers because of the other rewardzone usa offers I did. I completed the offer, submitted the incentive claim and they notified me:

"We see that you have signed up for the required amount of offers to qualify for the incentive. We are in the process of verifying your offers and preparing the necessary documents for your claim. You will receive a followup email from us within 72 business hours with further instructions and any necessary documentations.

Thank you,
The Reward Zone USA, LLC Team"

Then the next email from them:

"Please find the attached claim form and w-9 form.

Please follow the instructions on the claim form and send back both forms via email (info@rewardzoneusa.com) or fax (646-349-3872).


So, I just have to get the form notarized and send in the w-9 with it. So I hope all goes well and they allow me to get the award. We will see. I'll keep you informed. Talk to you soon, member"

My reply:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
to: member <xxxx@xx.com>
date: Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 8:54 PM
subject: Re: Major Problems with rewardzone usa PLEASE HELP
mailed-by: xxxx.com

Hi member,

Just letting you know that I am actively working on your issue with RMM Media, LLC and the lookalike RewardZone USA company. What slows me down are all the dead ends. When you think you're getting somewhere you reach one, and either pick up where you left off or start all over.

As for MyRewardsGroup, I already knew about the site and made a note on paper to investigate the domain as it shares a likeness to giftcardclub.net. Please hold off on doing MyRewardsGroup as it may be affiliated with giftcardclub.net, the unknown DIY company's domain.

There have been Amped Media complaints, but you are the first to state that the sites take you back to where you started and that you can get stuck. I will relay your message to Jonathan Gies, the CEO of Amped Media, so he is aware of this problem. Thanks for letting me know!

I'm glad you were successful with one of RewardZone USA's gift sites. Please let me know when your gift arrives, and take a picture if you can. smile.gif

Hope to hear from you soon, or hopefully I contact you first with news on RMM Media, LLC./lookalike RewardZone USA company.

Kind Regards,


I contacted this member recently for an update, and am waiting to hear back. I don't know if they got paid yet or not, but so far it doesn't look good. The RMM Media warning post I mentioned in our exchange can be found here: http://www.anything4free.com/forums/index....howtopic=181599 -- The warning post's content is in this blog, which is why I'm not copying it here. I felt it was important to make others aware of the complications with RMM Media's sites, and to let everyone know that RewardZone USA and Caivis are NOT affiliated with RMM Media. Before you do a RewardZone USA site, please look for "RMM Media" in the front page's paragraph.

Never got a response from Renee Moncada or Subreption, LLC. I get the feeling these two aren't involved, but I can't rule them out just yet. I did find someone else who I think has a greater chance of being with RMM Media, LLC. Meet Renee Moskowitz, a Publishing Sales Consultant at RMM Media in New York City.

This woman seems like the most likely candidate for RMM Media, LLC. Not Renee Moncada, a co-executive producer of a reality tv show, and Subreption, LLC., a company sharing its headquartered address with RMM Media, LLC. If RMM Media is only using Subreption's headquartered address for mailing purposes, we can cross Subreption, LLC off our list. Renee Moskowitz could be our woman. I need to get in touch with her asap. Hopefully I can, and she supplies me with contact info to give my readers who have done RMM Media sites. Its important to get the word out on these lookalike sites to prevent more scams. Please share my blog with others so they know to be careful with this company.

A reader sent me an e-mail asking about Amped Media's rewarding-promos.com domain. Their e-mail followed by my response and question to Jonathan Gies at Amped Media is below.

My e-mail to Jonathan Gies:


I just had a quick question regarding the TOS for rewarding-promos.com. Below is an e-mail I received followed by my response to this person which explains what I want to know.

E-mail I received:

"I got to this site through a link on your forum that is supposed to be an Amped Media site. Below is a link to the site's TOS.

Is it Amped Media - looks awful familiar!


My reply:

"As far as I know, the rewarding-promos.com domain belongs to Amped Media, thus rewarding-promos.com is not Nuitech. BUT you are right because the TOS is similar to Nuitech, it even lists the 'YR Central' DBA in the TOS. It could just be that Nuitech has put Amped Media's sites under their DBA(s) since they handle their fulfillment. Or Nuitech could now own and fully operate all of Amped Media's sites. To not speculate any further, I will get confirmation on this from Jonathan Gies at Amped Media. He would know.

Thanks for pointing this out to me! I appreciate it.


Do the rewarding-promos.com sites still belong to you? I was just trying to figure out why, YR Central, a Nuitech DBA, was in the TOS for rewarding-promos.com. As soon as you let me know, I will tell my readers so they aren't confused. I appreciate any answers you can give me.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving...



Jonathan Gies' reply:

"from: Jonathan Gies <jonathan@ampedmedia.com>
to: "diyfreebies@gmail.com" <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
date: Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 5:28 PM
subject: Re: rewarding-promos.com TOS question
mailed-by: gmail.com


Thank you for reaching out.

The domain rewading-promos.com is owned by Nuitech, we link to them from our survey properties because they handle the actual gift fulfillment. We have to maintain certain languages in our own policies as to ensure we are inline with theirs.

Hopefully that answers your question. Have an excellent Thanksgiving.

Jonathan Gies
Chief Executive Officer"

My reply:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
to: Jonathan Gies <jonathan@ampedmedia.com>
date: Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 6:10 PM
subject: Re: rewarding-promos.com TOS question
mailed-by: gmail.com

Hi Jonathan,

I really appreciate you helping me understand all this.

So all gift site completions count as Amped Media completions since Nuitech only handles Fulfillment, correct? Its just that, like you said, the languages within your own policies/TOS must match theirs, which is why I'm guessing that 'YR Central' is present in the TOS. My only other question is your other gift site domains, are they owned by Nuitech as well, and Amped Media just maintains the survey/gift site pages?

I'm sorry for asking so many questions, that is all I have. You've been a great help so far, thank you. smile.gif

Kind Regards,


I take this to mean that Nuitech only owns the domain rewarding-promos.com, and handles Fulfillment for Amped Media with Amped Media still operating the company. This is interesting though because if the DBA shows 'YR Central', then does it count as an actual Nuitech or Amped Media site completion? My guess is it counts as an Amped Media completion, because they are just keeping the same wording in their policies/TOS as Nuitech and nothing else. As for the site problems, please visit the links again. If they don't work, let me know and I will put another e-mail out to Jonathan. I know how much you guys have been wanting to do Amped Media. smile.gif

My earnings: $10.00 loaded to my Payoneer Mastercard; $75.00 in Target eCards, and a $10.00 JcPenney eCard from Shopkick; a $10.00 amazon code from Opinion Outpost; $20.00 in Sears eCards, $50.00 in Wal-Mart eCards, $25.00 Tango Card, and a $20.00 virtual Visa from Toluna; $5.00 check from Clorox; $3.00 check from Business Innovators Forum; a $25.00 amazon code, $25.00 Wal-Mart gift card (not yet received), $20.00 in Best Buy gift cards (not yet received), and a $25.00 virtual Visa from MyView.

MyView has $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, and $100.00 virtual Visas. Unlike their virtual gift cards, their physical gift cards take weeks to ship. The great thing about MyView is you get instant credit after completing a survey, which makes for faster payouts. Opinion Outpost is the same way. I'm really into them right now, and I am getting back into ePoll. With Opinion Outpost you only need 50 points to cash out and they give you many high-point surveys. 50 points equals $5.00, 100 points equals $10.00, and so on. They offer an amazon and Paypal option. If you are interested in these panels, please e-mail me: diyfreebies@gmail.com

*holiday link list*

Amped Media--

http://premiumgiftrewards.net/go/to/eeb296...c7fa0c/aid/1717 - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Visa gift card

http://onlinegiftpromos.net/go/to/20dca0/k...1069f3/aid/1717 - offers unknown/Visa gift card, amount unknown

http://funprizes.us/go/to/ef2b82/key/5d89b...7b137e/aid/1717 - offers unknown/Visa gift card, amount unknown

http://giftrewardsonline.net/go/to/0ce918/...d/10899/s1/1674 - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Visa gift card

http://gift-rewards.net/go/to/f55a13/key/3...e737e7/aid/1717 - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Visa gift card

http://varietyrewards.com/go/to/1bf676/key...2fdbdb/aid/1717 - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Visa gift card

http://nationalprizes.net/go/to/980bd8/key...7961eb/aid/1717 - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Visa gift card

http://giftrewardsonline.net/go/to/1eef02/...40e564/aid/1717 - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Visa gift card

http://gift-rewards.net/go/to/661999/key/7...a7516c/aid/1717 - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Visa gift card

http://premiumgiftrewards.net/go/to/c69264...35328a/aid/1717 - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Home Depot gift card

Like last year, I gave much thought to spacing out my posts, and I have decided to blog on a three-month basis. Given the time spent on each investigation, the extra month will greatly help. When you have several going at once, you need as much time as possible to gather all the information before putting it out there. Not to mention, allowing "company response time" to the issues at hand. This means getting a company or an individual to respond to situations, and often long, drawn out problematic ones, which take even more time. You wouldn't think it would be hard to reach someone after contacting them, but if the company or individual are busy, the back-and-forth correspondence is slow. Its just better all around, and I'd like to think my readers' lives are made easier with less content to absorb.

This change will not negatively affect this blog, or our communications (e-mails, PMs, forum posts). It would only do so if this blog ceased to exist. To avoid that, this change had to be made. I hope you all understand. Our blogs' publishing dates: March, June, September, December, and the cycle starts over. Please check back often, or remember those dates so you don't miss anything!

The RMM Media, LLC issue was of utmost importance, so I made it my first topic. Everyone please watch out with this site. There are no payment reports yet, and one of their gift program evidently did not report the offers that person did. Also, its confirmed that RewardZone Usa and Caivis are in no way affiliated with RMM Media, so please commit that to memory.

Moving on to Part 2. of our holiday blog... Gift sites connected to giftcardclub.net are revealed, and there's a payment report from a new Canadian DIY company!

See you there...


RewardZone USA proven legit + payment reports, InCorp Services, Inc answers giftcardclub.net and Member Source Media questions, Halloween link list...

Posted by wozniack, Oct 2 2013, 07:00 AM

We've got an exciting blog this month!! Member proves RewardZone USA to be legit and payment reports + lookalike sites investigated; Director of Operations at InCorp Services, Gayle Clauges, addresses questions concerning giftcardclub.net and Member Source Media/Conceptual Media questions; Halloween link list, and more! Join in a night of fun, mystery, and spooktacular deals...

Payment reports are rolling in for RewardZone USA! Members came forward with their experiences. I will share what I know so you all avoid any mistakes when going in to your first RewardZone USA site. We'll start with a member from A4F (anything4free.com) who posted about her gift from RewardZone USA.

Member's post:

"I'd like to introduce to everyone a new wonderful freebie company RewardZoneUSA. They were flooding my inbox with different promotions of a new iPad, iPhone, the $500 Unemployment Check, etc for months, until I found a good deal of a $1000 Visa gift card. Their requirements: you must successfully complete all 12 offers (2 silver, 2 gold & 8 platinum) within 1 calendar day.


I have received TWO $500 Visa gift cards today from this company, located in New York. That was the easiest and fastest $1000 I've ever made in my life!! Their sites have an incredibly fast crediting system and a fantastic customer service. It took me a few hours to complete 12 offers and get credited for all of them instantly. They approved my redemption papers in 17... not days, not hours, but minutes after I emailed them in, and sent out my Visa gift cards the same day! I received them in 7 days!
We needed a reliable replacement for I-Deal. RewardZoneUSA is a proven legit company.
I'm going to use this money toward my European vacation. smile.gif

I highly recommend this company to everyone. Good luck!"

Then she sent me this e-mail:

"from: member <xxxx@xx.com>
to: xxxx@xx.com
bcc: diyfreebies@gmail.com
date: Sun, Aug 4, 2013 at 12:18 PM
subject: RewardZoneUSA
mailed-by: gmail.com
signed-by: gmail.com

Hi Woz,

Did you read my thread in DIY forum on A4F? I did prove that RewardzoneUSA is quite a legit company.
They were flooding my inbox with different promotions of a new iPad, iPhone, the $500 Unemployment Check, etc for months, until I found a good deal of a $1000 Visa gift card.
I've received TWO $500 Visa gift cards in just 7 days. That was the easiest and fastest $1000 I've ever made in my life! Their sites have an incredibly fast crediting system and a fantastic customer service. It took me a few hours to complete 12 offers and get credited for all of them instantly. They approved my redemption papers in 17... not days, not hours, but minutes after I emailed them in, and sent out my Visa gift cards the same day!

What do know about Awardzoom.com company and their $1000 Walmart site?
Please let me know if you have any information.

Thank you,

My reply:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
to: member <xxxx@xx.com>
date: Sun, Aug 4, 2013 at 6:33 PM
subject: Re: RewardZoneUSA
mailed-by: gmail.com

Hi member,

I just read your topic on RewardZone USA. Congrats!! Do you still have the $1,000.00 gift card link? This is nice that we have a new proven legit company. We can trust them now. smile.gif

awardzoom.com results in an error page when I visit the site. I will try it again in a bit.

Congratulations again! Have fun on your vacation. smile.gif)



Next is a report from Member #2. He recently received two $500.00 Visa gift cards from RewardZone USA. Below is the e-mail he sent me.

Member's e-mail:

"from: member <xxxx@xx.xx>
to: "diyfreebies@gmail.com" <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
date: Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 8:36 AM
subject: gift card
signed-by: xxxx.xx


What's going on? Listen, I just wanted to fill you in on another offer
that I completed and will be getting my gift card(s) in the mail in 2-4
weeks. And it just so happens to be with RewardZone USA.

First, here's the link for a $1000 gift card. I found it on the site
ofree.net. http://thisisinteresting.org/walmartgiftcard - It's one of
those offers where you do it in a 24 hour time period.

There are a couple of things (both good and bad) that I want to point
1. You have to complete a total of 12 offers. However, there are only a
total of 14 to choose from. So you must be careful when choosing from
Silver, Gold, and Platinum page.

2. The Discover Card is an option however, you must be approved for it
to count. And it can take up to 72 hours for them to credit it.
3. They do credit your offers very fast just like one of your readers (i
think her name was Natalie) said.
4. But here's where this is really cool if they don't credit an
offer like they did with one of mine you can send them the
appropriate confirmation (like a confirmation email from that offer) and
they'll credit it for you. That's crazy isn't it. My experience has
always been that if they don't credit it then you're out of luck. Not
5. Be careful with the fosina offers (Knife, Ceramic pan, etc,). After 2
completed offers in one day I couldn't do a third (in 24 hours). I
though I was screwed at the time because I didn't know they would credit
me for a different offer later.

6. After completing my offers, I filled out the "claim incentive"
then it took about 24 hours for them to respond saying they were
going to check all my offers. Then 24 hours later they sent me the forms
I needed to fill out to claim my incentive and fax in. Then just like
Natalie said, it only took about 15 minutes for them to approve that and
let me know my cards on the way.

So now, I'm waiting for them to arrive. I'm not real worried either
since everything seems to be lining up with what Natalie said. I'll let
you know when I get them.

Thought you (and of your readers) would be interested in this. Take


The first and fifth paragraph of this member's e-mail are important. If you only have two additional offers to choose from out of 14, or however many are required across all their sites, that poses a problem if more than two don't credit. If this company does manual credit it makes it easier to do them. I will ask them about manual credit because I don't if they do that. I always start with the platinum page of any DIY site as it is the hardest. Make sure first that the platinum page is doable. But if the platinum page has duplicated offers, or if 8 out of, say, 9 available offers are required for that page, then you might have trouble. Then there are the Fosina offers. The rule is you cannot do more than 2 Fosina offers in 24 hours, and since you must complete a RewardZone USA site within 1 calendar day, you can do no more than 2 Fosina offers per site.

Here are some responses from members who were unsuccessful with RewardZone USA...

Member #1 asked me:

"Did u see those rewardzone site payments? I was trying their site but got stuck because their offers are mainly fosina and u can't do more than 2 or 3 a day. But they seem to pay out ..."

My reply:

"She got paid extremely fast on the one she did. The only thing is, if you get stuck you're in trouble because you have to do the offers all in one day. I know you got stuck but, were you able to finish yours? Was just wondering... Hope so!



Member #1's reply:

"and by the way I could never finish that site in one day due to those fosina offer restriction so I was short and time was up - what a waste for me..."

My message to Member #2:


Were you able to do the RewardZone USA site? If so, what were the offers like on the Platinum page?



Member #2's reply:

"No.. I couldn't do it. The offers were too similar and limited. Dr Seuss, Disney, credit report, grant money, cooking knives, Amora among others. Nothing I had not done before. And all pages had the same ones repeated so it was too risky. It just one didn't get approved I'd be done. I hope you have better luck."

Member #3:

"Well I tried 4 offers and got pending charges on my credit card for all of them, but none of them credited yet. Doesn't look good. Will check I'm the AM and if they've credited keep going - if not bailing out."

My reply:

"What happened? Did they eventually credit?



Member #3's reply:

"never credited...never got back to the looking for new sites."

I wanted to share the bad as well as the good experiences, because people have had issues with offer variety and crediting. Like with I-Deal, there were crediting issues as well, but we were still able to do them. Each individuals experience is different, while some have issues others may not. There is always a chance that an offer may not credit, you just have to decide if its best to go forward with the DIY company. Since this has been a proven legitimate company, I have done a write up on their terms. See below.

RewardZone USA- Offers must be completed within 1 calendar day, the same day you registered. If you don’t complete the required number of offers in one session, you may do so by logging in to the "Incentive Status" page. If you fail to complete your offers the day you register, you must start over, and you will not receive credit for offers completed on a prior day. After you have completed all of the required offers and confirmed your completion on Incentive Status, you can start the claims process by logging onto the Incentive Status and selecting “Claim My Incentive.” Upon qualification, you will be contacted via e-mail and/or U.S. mail with a claim form. The redemption form must be notarized, and you must provide a copy of your driver’s license or other government-issued ID. If your mailing address is different than the address you provided during registration or the address on your ID, you must provide proof of residence at the mailing address such as a utility bill, tax bill, voter ID or rent invoice. If your gift is valued at $600.00 or more, you must also fill out a w9 form. Once all documents are approved, your gift will ship within two to four weeks, sometimes sooner depending on their shipping schedule. You must claim your gift within 60 days of receiving the claim form or you forfeit your reward. You cannot participate in a promotion if you reside in Washington or Vermont, or are a resident of a state where incentivized promotions of this type are prohibited by law.

Next we have RewardZone USA lookalike sites that are being mistaken for RewardZone USA. But if you look very closely you will see they are not RewardZone USA. So who are they? I'll tell you, and I will show you what to look for...

RewardZone USA lookalike gift site:

url: http://awardhotspot.com/


url: http://awardhotspot.com/common/privacy

Like RewardZone USA, this lookalike site has a "$100.00 value" prize rule, and states that you must complete your offers in 1 calendar day. Now compare the bottom links of the RewardZone USA lookalike site to the RewardZone USA site below...

RewardZone USA gift site:

url: http://www.rewardzoneusa.com/Flow.aspx


url: http://www.rewardsflow.com/PathImg/21377/RZUSA_PP_5_2.htm

RewardZone USA lookalike links: Prize Status, Privacy Policy, Unsubscribe, Terms & Conditions. RewardZone USA links: Member Support, Incentive Status, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions. Both the RewardZone USA lookalike site, and the RewardZone USA site have status, policy, and terms and conditions pages, but one has an 'Unsubscribe' page and the other a 'Member Support' page.

Now compare the RewardZone USA lookalike site's policy to the real RewardZone USA policy. If you scroll down to "Privacy Complaints" in the RewardZone USA lookalike's policy you will find the customer service e-mail for OnDemand Research, customer.service@ondemandresearch.com, which is Cavis' gift program. But if you look at RewardZone USA's policy you will not find Caivis' customer service e-mail anywhere. Below is the site and policy for OnDemand Research (Caivis)...

OnDemand Research site (Caivis):

url: http://www.ondemandresearch.com


url: http://survey.ondemandresearch.com/lch2.ph...;sesp=516_23915

Below is an e-mail I sent Caivis about awardhotspot.com

My e-mail:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
to: customer.service@ondemandresearch.com
date: Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 7:10 PM
subject: Question...
mailed-by: gmail.com


Does awardhotspot.com belong to your company? I ask because I am trying to organize the sites I do by company name and this looked like one of yours.



I don't think awardhotspot.com is RewardZone USA, but there may be a Caivis connection. If Caivis does not own awardhotspot.com, perhaps they just handle customer support for the company that does. Either way, Caivis should be able to tell us something. So I'm sending my e-mail to Caivis' other contacts, because I think someone can give us answers. In some way, shape, or form I think they are involved.

Scroll back up to RewardZone USA lookalike's policy. At the top it says, "RMM Media (the "Site") is owned and operated by RMM Media, a leading online customer loyalty and rewards company." Its possible that RMM Media is really the company managing awardhotspot.com and other RewardZone USA lookalike sites. Or if Caivis owns awardhotspot.com, then RMM Media most likely belongs to Caivis with them promoting gift sites under RMM Media. So I started researching RMM Media and I got a name, an e-mail, and some addresses. "rmmmedia.com" appeared in my Google search results, so I went there first...


url: http://www.rmmmedia.com

Although their web site is under construction, I put their e-mail to use. So I sent Renee Moncada, the name on the web site, the following message:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
to: info@rmmmedia.com
date: Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 12:02 AM
subject: awardhotspot.com and OnDemand Research...
mailed-by: gmail.com


I had just a few questions I was hoping you could answer. Is awardhotspot.com your company's web site? I ask because "RMM Media" is on the front of the awardhotspot.com web site, and is in the web site's policy. Also, what role does OnDemand Research play in all this? Does your company use their mailing address for specific purposes? Or are they managing awardhotspot.com for you, if that's your company's web site that is?

I apologize for asking so many questions, but I needed to know who awardhotspot.com belonged to for my record keeping; I do offers for free rewards online, and it helps me to know which company is running the sites I'm doing.



The whois report lists Renee Moncada as the registrant for rmmmedia.com, but that's all it says. The report is devoid of any addresses or phone numbers. It does say at the top though that Renee Moncada owns about "8 other domains"; but when I click on "8 other domains" the domains are masked, so I cannot see them. Further research reveals that Renee Moncada is the co-executive producer of a reality tv show called Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce: http://http://mad.ly/f13ec3 - Her Twitter page is: https://twitter.com/moncadamcelroy Renee Moncada may or may not have involvement with awardspot.com, and possibly Caivis. I won't know until I hear it from her directly. She has other online contacts which I am messaging her through now.

I searched the Secretary of State for California, New York, and Louisiana but nothing came up for RMM Media. However, I went back to Google, and there were Secretary of State results for RMM Media, LLC. in Wyoming.

Secretary of State Wyoming search results:

This is on file for the Principal Office and mailing address:

1621 Central Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Several registered agents have used this address, however, for mailing purposes, but that doesn't mean that its not RMM Media's mailing address. They may just let other companies use it for numerous reasons. I also found a company headquartered at the 1621 Central Ave address. They are Subreption, LLC...

If the 1621 Central Ave address is Subreption's headquarters, RMM Media is elsewhere, and they may be using the 1621 Central Ave address for mailing purposes. I need to fully examine all of this before I can confirm anything. I'll continue trying to nail down a main contact for RMM Media while I ask Subreption some questions. It would be great if I could close this case quickly, because I'm stuck on several other cases right now.

If you haven't read my blog about giftcardclub.net and InCorp Services, please do so now: DIYfreebies 5th annual anniversary blog, Part 2... -- If you have, please read the response to my letter (in my last blog) from InCorp Services below.

"from: Gayle Clauges <gayle.clauges@incorp.com>
to: "diyfreebies@gmail.com" <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
date: Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 10:21 PM
subject: RE: Inquiry from user of Nevada-Registered-Agents.com: Question / Comment for InCorp Services, Inc. (ISI)
mailed-by: incorp.com

Hi me,

Thank you for your inquiry. I’m not sure what has associated InCorp Services, Inc. with the companies and websites mentioned in your message. Would you mind providing the source of the link you found between us and these other companies?

Gayle Clauges"

My reply:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
to: Gayle Clauges <gayle.clauges@incorp.com>
date: Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 1:13 AM
subject: Re: Inquiry from user of Nevada-Registered-Agents.com: Question / Comment for InCorp Services, Inc. (ISI)
mailed-by: gmail.com


Thank you for your prompt reply.

An internet gift program, www.giftcardclub.net, has your company's address in their policy (screen shot image): http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h405/d...zpse26de0fb.jpg -- So it is assumed that InCorp Services owns www.giftcardclub.net? If so, you or someone at your company could help answer questions about Member Source Media (Consumer Gain)/Conceptual Media, as their sites' designs mimic www.giftcardclub.net

Please see this blog for further details: http://www.diyfreebies.com/diyfreebies-5th...g-the-industry/

I've been trying to solve the Member Source Media (Consumer Gain) puzzle for so long, and had hoped I was getting somewhere by finding your company's address in the policy for giftcardclub.net. Why this is so important is that, my blog, DIYfreebies.com, strives to bring it's readers the best deals while safeguarding them from online scams. There has been much confusion with Member Source Media (Consumer Gain), and lookalike web sites circulating on the web. I have to make sure these sites are legitimate to keep my readers safe.

Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.



Gayle Clauges' reply:

"from: Gayle Clauges <gayle.clauges@incorp.com>
to: "diyfreebies@gmail.com" <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
date: Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 10:24 PM
subject: RE: Inquiry from user of Nevada-Registered-Agents.com: Question / Comment for InCorp Services, Inc. (ISI)
mailed-by: incorp.com

Hi me,

I’m sorry I’m not much help. InCorp serves as Registered Agent for thousands of companies and part of that service in many states is the use of our address for mail forwarding. In short, the company may list our address as it’s own for the purpose of receiving mail but InCorp is unrelated to it’s business function. I can also assure you that we are not owners nor do we have any interest in this site and the associated companies.

I understand how frustrating it can be if you’re looking for a responsible party sometimes. If you do find a company related to the website in question, try looking for them on the NV Secretary of State’s website for more information. If the company lists InCorp Services, Inc. as Registered Agent that will explain the use of our address. I didn’t find the companies you’ve listed so far on NV public record at all so I’m not sure where to point you from there.

Again, my apologies that I couldn’t point you in the right direction or confirm any of your research. Consumer protection is very important and I hope your hard work will all fall into place for you soon. If there’s anything else I can clarify, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Gayle Clauges"

My reply:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
to: Gayle Clauges <gayle.clauges@incorp.com>
date: Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 5:13 PM
subject: Re: Inquiry from user of Nevada-Registered-Agents.com: Question / Comment for InCorp Services, Inc. (ISI)
mailed-by: gmail.com


Thank you for clearing all that up. I will tell my readers that your company is not associated with Member Source Media/Conceptual Media and giftcardclub.net. There are no results for "GiftCardClub, Inc," the corporation that giftcardclub.net is tied to, in the Secretary of State's business filings for Nevada. But I will research the mystery company's address and corporation further to see if I can gather more information, as well as any other companies I find.

I appreciate you taking time out to explain everything to me. The business world could use a few more people like you. smile.gif

All the best,


Gayle Clauges' reply:

"from: Gayle Clauges <gayle.clauges@incorp.com>
to: "diyfreebies@gmail.com" <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
date: Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 7:20 PM
subject: RE: Inquiry from user of Nevada-Registered-Agents.com: Question / Comment for InCorp Services, Inc. (ISI)
mailed-by: incorp.com

Thank you as well me. I wish I could help more. If you do find a company listing us as Registered Agent and would like us to pass a message along to them, please keep my contact info.

Best wishes!

Gayle Clauges"

The Director of Operations at InCorp Services, Gayle Clauges, stated that InCorp Services is not associated with giftcardclub.net and Member Source Media/Conceptual Media. Therefore, giftcardclub.net remains a mystery, and I am back at square one. Since the company managing giftcardclub.net is not located at the Henderson, VA address, that eliminates an address for me to go on. I can't check with the Secretary of State either since I don't know what state they're in. All I have is the gift site's e-mail, info@giftcardclub.com, and the domain name, which is privately registered, to work with. This will be tough. But I'll continue investigating until I find something out on giftcardclub.net.

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Its hard returning after a long break, but I'm ready to start again. During my break I was supposed to write that letter to the newgiftdepot.com/topbrandgifts.com address on 1350 E. Flamming Dr. I forgot to though, so I'm adding that to my "to do" list. Also on my to do list: writing Caivis at XL Marketing, ask RewardZone some questions, hunt down LeaderDirect again, and push these investigations as hard as I can to get them closed. I hate the ones that drag on like the CRS and Consumer Gain investigations. Then there's ones like the giftcardclub.net case that are next to impossible to solve. All you can hope for is that a lead pops up in the weeks ahead, which often turns into months without a single clue. After so long its best to shut the lid on these cases until some evidence presents itself, and concentrate on more current, pressing matters.

I've been out of town for a while, so my response time on e-mails has been rather slow-- sorry about that! I'm working into the night to answer them all, and if I cannot get to each and every one of you I will tomorrow. I'll be happy when I get home so I can start planning for fall and the holidays! Can't believe its that time again... Back to raking orangey-colored leaves, the sweetness of caramel and apple, scarecrows, pumpkins. smile.gif

Alright, before this gets any longer I will end it right here. Until our next blog, have a Happy Halloween, and a good Thanksgiving!

Take care,


DIYfreebies 5th annual anniversary blog, Part 2. InCorp Services, Inc. and new gift sites + Consumer Gain, I-Deal quitting the industry...

Posted by wozniack, Jun 8 2013, 02:00 PM

New company and gift sites may answer questions about Consumer Gain; is I-Deal's gift program now over? Read on to find out!

Alright, I found new gifts sites that are either Consumer Gain, or are by another company. I'm leaning more towards this being a new company, but there's a slight chance that this is Consumer Gain due to the sites' appearances and functionality. The gift site is privately registered so I cannot post a whois screen shot. We'll start by examining the site itself...

gift site:

url: http://giftcardclub.net/G/landing?campaign...id=206#vid=3056

Survey page:

Offer page:

Anyone who has ever done Consumer Gain can look at these images and see there is a likeness to Consumer Gain. I looked for old Consumer Gain site images (I know I have them) to compare them to these shots, but I couldn't find them. Next check out the main page and login page for giftcardclub.net...

Main page:

Login page:

Still looking a lot like Consumer Gain. Now check out the policy and address for giftcardclub.net...



2360 Corporate Circle, Suite 400
Henderson, NV 89074

This company operates out of Nevada, not California, where Member Source Media ran Consumer Gain. The address on giftcardclub.net matches the address for a company called InCorp Services, Inc....

url: http://www.incorp.com/incorp-contact-us.aspx

I sent the following message to InCorp Services via their contact page

My message:


I stumbled upon your web site, www.giftcardclub.net, and wanted to know if your company is actually Member Source Media, which had the DBA Consumer Gain. I ask because your site's design looks a lot like the gift sites under Consumer Gain. For well over a year, I have been trying to figure out what happened to the company. "Member Source Media" is no longer in the Secretary of State's business filings in California, which it always has been. That indicated to me that Member Source Media may no longer be an active entity. Chris Sommer, Member Source Media's CEO, has worked at Conceptual Media since 2005, and it is still active. If you are with Conceptual Media/Member Source Media, was Member Source Media dissolved, and the gift sites taken over by Conceptual Media? Or was the gift program terminated altogether? Is it possible that the gift program now functions as "Gift Card Club" under Conceptual Media, or Member Source Media?

Also, cgmemberservices@gmail.com was Consumer Gain's old e-mail. The company responded to every message I sent, but they stopped answering e-mails one day; is there another e-mail for Consumer Gain?

Below is a message I sent to Consumer Gain through their site's support tickets and e-mail. It involves a change in Consumer Gain's FAQ, and the possibility of Nuitech buying out Member Source Media. I was trying to figure out if Member Source Media (Consumer Gain) were still in business. I have included it in this e-mail in case you had any information. My post on this can be found here: http://www.diyfreebies.com/diy-rose-bouque...bie-proof-pics/ -- It details this entire issue.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you so much.



I hope they respond to my message sometime next week. If this company is not Consumer Gain, they are still of interest as they manage many gift sites. Is this another new company, hm? Time will tell. Below is a write up on InCorp Services so you can get to know them.

InCorp Services, Inc. functions as a registered agent service provider out of Henderson, Nevada. Tennie Sedlacek and Jay Manning are the company's Presidents. In 1998, the year InCorp Services was founded, InCorp Services solely serviced the entities of a private investment bank that was engaged in mergers and acquisitions of publicly-traded companies. It wasn't until 2001 that InCorp Services began providing national registered agent services to the public. InCorp Services announced that it had acquired the assets of National Business Incorporators, LLC, a provider of online incorporation and registered agent services, headquartered in Palm Springs, California. The following year, InCorp Services acquired the client portfolio of NMN Corporate Services LLC, a boutique registered agent firm also headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, and the registered agent portfolios of both Lorettco and Nevada State Resident Agent Services, Inc. InCorp Services is the 4th largest national registered agent service provider in the country with over 125,000 active clients worldwide.

Next up for discussion is I-Deal. It seems their promotions have all expired, and that is bad news as this industry has now lost one of its big players. I've visited every I-Deal site there is and they all show expired. There were reports of bonuses being sent out at the end of May, but that does not mean they are sticking around. They may be making their last round of payments before leaving town. Another possibility is that they're taking a break, and will return with a carload of sites in the near future. That would be nice. But what if they really have terminated their program? Does that put Nuitech in a better position? Many people did I-Deal over Nuitech as there was no cancellation limitation. I-Deal never answered my e-mail about their expired promotions, so I don't know if it ended. I will update you all on this if I hear anything.

This concludes our Part 2. of our anniversary blog. Please remember to frequently visit Part 1. of our anniversary blog for my link list as it will update every month; I'll take time to update it while on my break! I will be back in October for our Halloween entry. If anyone has any questions, you may contact me at diyfreebies@gmail.com

Take care,


DIYfreebies 5th annual anniversary blog, Part 1. newgiftdepot complaints and address, two persons linked to unknown DIY, new DIY company and more...

Posted by wozniack, Jun 8 2013, 01:00 PM

Welcome to the 5th annual DIYfreebies anniversary blog! We'll kick off tonight's post with these exciting topics: newgiftdepot.com complaints and address confusion; two individuals linked to domain of unknown company; new DIY company introduced; link list. Get ready for an evening of wonder and delight...

Hello everyone. I am pleased to announce that my 5-year DIYfreebies anniversary is this month, and you're all a part of tonight's celebration! Let's revisit this past year's events. On October 10th, former ARG CEO Brad Powers was spotted breaking bread at a NYC restaurant with his old buddies from ARG, and Caivis's own, David Steinberg. The restaurant photo unveiled a camaraderie among them; such loyalty and lighthearted rapport can be found amongst those who share a similar interest, and who have worked closely together in the past. That is why they work so well in the present. Though some of us suspected it, that photograph proved the bond was as strong as ever, and that Brad never walked away. More on this can be found here: "DIY Halloween with I-Deal crediting issues and disqualifications...- I was really proud of how well written my I-Deal letter was, and the manner in which it was presented. They never answered it, but I know they read it. I accomplished the daunting task of approaching them with their gift program's problems, and I assisted members along the way. Annual highlights include: Solving both WRS Consultants and Consumer Online Rewards cases in ONE DAY, finding the Brad Powers/ARG restaurant photo, and facing DIY challenges head on while engaging companies!

We made it!! 5 years on, this blog still has a place in cyberspace. That's something to celebrate. I am just amazed at how much we've accomplished since the start of DIYfreebies on June 16, 2008. It truly is wonderful to be writing this blog after so many years. I look forward to what's ahead. smile.gif

In our last entry, I noticed the policy link on newgiftdepot.com's survey page directed me to the policy for Coolsavings, a site under Nuitech's DBA, Q Interactive, Inc. So I asked them if newgiftdepot.com and topbrandgifts.com were their sites. Below is their response to my e-mail.

My e-mail:

"from: xxxx@xx.com <xxxx@xx.com>
to: contact@oglogistics.net,
date: Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 7:35 PM


Are these your sites? newgiftdepot.com and topbrandgifts.com? I ask because when registering for newgiftdepot.com the policy link at the bottom of the survey page directed me to a policy for Coolsavings.com, which is a site that is managed by Q Interactive, Inc., a Nuitech DBA. topbrandgifts.com is also connected to newgiftdepot.com. I organize my sites by company name, so knowing which company these belong to helps me keep good records.

Any help is appreciated.



Nuitech's reply:

"From: Yourrewardstoday Support
Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Subject: In response to your message
To: xxxx@xx.com

Dear me,

Thank you for your inquiry. topbrandgifts.com and newgiftdepot.com are
not our sites.

Please use the contact form provided at our website if you have further

Thank you,


So I checked Nuitech off the list. Who owns newgiftdepot.com and topbrandgifts.com if not Product Test Panel and Nuitech? Although the company is unknown, I gathered some interesting info, and the more information you collect, the closer you get to solving a case. I have member complaints and the address for the newgiftdepot.com/topbrandgifts.com domains is of interest. We'll start with a complaint from reviewstalk.com, and my message to the poster who'd written it.

Complaint poster:

"Consumer complaints and reviews about newgiftdepot.com

Nov 26, 2012
no iPhone
Three month ago I have received a message through my iPod stating I have won an iPhone, and i had to send them a fee. I did, and never received the prize! What liars!"

source: http://www.reviewstalk.com/complaints-revi...com-l32209.html

My message to poster:

"wozniack May 22, 2013

I read your complaint on newgiftdepot.com. There was a fee? How much was this fee? I ask because with these kinds of sites you normally are required to complete offers (book clubs, skin care products, and so on...) to receive a prize. I've never heard of a company charging a fee for a reward. Not that I doubt you, this is very interesting to me.

I will explain what I do and who I am. smile.gif I am a blogger and internet watchdog for the freebie industry. My blog, DIYfreebies.com, has shielded members from scams, and has helped them earn rewards from legitimate networks. I've been investigating newgiftdepot/topbrandgifts domains for several months now, and have been trying to figure out who they are. That is how I found your complaint. We might be able to help each other.

I would like to help you with your situation, if at all possible. You may contact me at diyfreebies@gmail.com



I have a MAJOR problem with a company requesting a fee. In all my freebie years I have never paid a "fee" to get a prize. I don't doubt this poster AT ALL, I am just bothered by it. This is a new approach spammers are taking to scam. If the poster had said they were required to complete a set of offers that would make sense to me, as you have to do offers to get rewarded. Spammers have now targeted iPod owners. Did this person mean they were spammed through their "iPod" Touch? Because I don't think you can receive messages through an actual iPod mp3 player. The point is, this individual paid money for something they never received. If I am lucky enough to get a response from this person, I will report what I find out in my next entry.

A similar complaint to the one above:

"newgiftdepot.com A pop up came up and told me I won an iPad but I entered my information and I did not get anything. Internet

One day I was on my iPod Touch until suddenly a pop up appeared and said you won an I pad. I entered my information and it said it will be there soon. A year passes and still no I pad."

source: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/newgiftdepot...ormation-972917

This complaint is similar to the first one. I bet the previous poster meant they got the message on their iPod Touch just like the one we're looking at now. This person, however, didn't mention a fee, they just said they entered their information, and was told their prize would "be there soon." Then a year passes and nothing comes. The complaints are both for newgiftdepot.com, so the messages these individuals received are from the same company. I will continue looking into the complaints on newgiftdepot.com/topbrandgifts.com.

Another concern is the address for newgiftdepot.com/topbrandgifts.com. When you Google the gift site address at 1350 E. Flamming Dr., it pulls up results for 1350 E. Flamingo Rd. instead. Take a look...

newgiftdepot.com's address as per the whois report:

Google search results for 1350 E. Flamming Dr.:

1350 E. Flamingo Rd. is the location of a shopping center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its possible for these addresses to both be real, but what if one isn't? 1350 E. Flamming Dr., newgiftdepot.com/topbrandgifts.com's address, would be nonexistent if it wasn't in the whois info for both domains. I've read whois reports in the past containing information that was too much like that of another company, and other whois reports that had suspicious characters. Those type of findings often lead to scam operations. The addresses are too much alike. Is the 1350 E. Flamming Dr. address a fake? If so, is the company stationed at the shopping center location? Are they using 1350 Flamingo Rd. to mask their real address? The whois report only lists "Customer Service" as the registrant. Nobody's name can be found, and the phone number digits are all 5's.

I wonder if anyone has tried sending something to the newgiftdepot.com/topbrandgifts.com address. If so, was their mail returned? I think I will write them a letter. If their goal is to scam, they won't care if the address isn't real. If it happens to be a real address, they may respond to it, OR somebody else at 1350 E. Flamming Dr. will. Most DIY companies put a real address in their whois info, and on their gift sites. So it will be interesting to see if my mail is returned, or if somebody else responds. The next piece of evidence suggests payment, or the promotion of a newgiftdepot.com site.

A Yahoo! member's post. Taken from Yahoo! Answers:

Undecided Question
Show me another »
Is there FREE tutoring for a iPad 3?
I want to get a iPad 3 and I seen things for tutoring like this and I was wondering if there is tutoring for one?

3 months ago

Reply from Yahoo member:

"Answers (1)

Answerer 1
No but you can get one for free here
3 months ago"

source: http://www.answers.yahoo.com/question/inde...13174355AAsfm8z

If someone posts a link, they may have been paid, or are spamming the link for money. It may also be someone from the company posting links online to get traffic to their sites. Wish I knew which one it was. But this gives us something to go on if nothing else. In my text spam search I found a name for a company out of Wilmington, Delaware, which had 76 complaints alone on scambook.com.

According to this information, the company name for vcardsecure.com is Bonus Reward Center. The whois report for vcardsecure.com lists the registrant as Dan Lettler from Los Angeles, CA. Below is the address, telephone number, and e-mail from this whois report.



Dan Lettler
343 Vista Street
Los Angeles, CA 90024

e-mail: reply.4.relief@gmail.com

We know Dan Lettler owns vcardsecure.com, now let's check out the e-mail. The reply.4.relief@gmail.com e-mail address is in a whois report for another domain. The domain is click56.info, and it is registered to a Sandra Skiops in Huntington Beach, California. Below is the whois report and address.



Sandra Skiops
3206 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

e-mail: reply.4.relief@gmail.com

The same e-mail in Sandra Skiops's registrant info instantly links her to Dan Lettler. Both individuals are in California as well. I continued on with my search on Bonus Reward Center, and the Wilmington, Delaware address, and pulled up a result for a gift site containing Bonus Reward Center info...

The fourth result is for "toprewardsspot.com." Text taken from the result, "Mar 4, 2013 - To claim your gift please mail your voucher to Bonus Reward Center 1000 N WEST Street, Suite 1200, Wilmington, DE, 19801" I clicked the "Terms and Conditions" link for toprewardsspot.com, which took me to the following page...

Right off I knew toprewardsspot.com was connected to Product Test Panel as SubscriberBASE, Inc. is Product Test Panel. The message directs you to the customer service area to check status. So I clicked the "clicking here" link, and was taken here...

This is a Product Test Panel login page for toprewardsspot.com. Since toprewardsspot.com had Bonus Reward Center's info on their Terms and Conditions page, we can conclude that Bonus Reward Center provides a service for Product Test Panel, or they actually are Product Test Panel with Bonus Reward Center being Product Test Panel's DBA. Another possibility is that Consumer Research Corporation (aka Product Test Panel), who stated they were "steering away from DIY sites" in 2011, started up a new gift program under the name Bonus Reward Center. Doesn't make sense though because they wanted to get into referral-based sites after DIY; but obviously they've had active DIY sites since that statement in 2011. More on that statement can be found here: "Christmas tree glows..."

I sent Product Test Panel the following e-mail:

"from: diyfreebies@gmail.com <diyfreebies@gmail.com>
to: xxxx@xx.xx
date: Thu, May 30, 2013 at 5:27 PM
subject: Questions about your company's web sites...
mailed-by: gmail.com


I have a couple questions. First, are rewardzoneusa.com and toprewardsspot.com your web sites? And is Bonus Reward Center at the address below a DBA managed by your company, Consumer Research Corporation, aka Product Test Panel? Or does Bonus Reward Center simply provide you a service?

Bonus Reward Center
1000 N West Street, STE #1200
Wilmington, DE 19801

Also, is your company shutting down? I ask because your main web sites, www.consumerresearchcorporation.com, and www.producttestpanel.com, are no longer in operation, and someone told me a while back that Consumer Research Corporation would be shutting down. But I wanted to make sure of that since there are sites floating around that are similar to your gift program's sites (Product Test Panel).

I'm sorry in advance for asking so many questions. I am just trying to figure out which companies these sites belong to before I sign up for them.

Thank you so much


That sums up all my questions on Product Test Panel, so I am hoping they provide an answer. I asked them if the site rewardzoneusa.com belonged to them to rule out Product Test Panel. One of their sites slightly resembled a Product Test Panel site, which is why I asked them, but it is now gone. I will, however, post the current RewardZoneUSA site for our review...

gift site:

url: http://www.rewardzoneusa.com

Registration page:


Survey page:

Offer page:

The front page has a Representative Sample page just like Product Test Panel, but both Representative Sample pages are worded differently. And the program requirements for rewardzoneusa.com and Product Test Panel are entirely different. Reward Zone USA requires you to complete two Silver offers and two Gold offers, and for prizes with a value of $100.00 or less; three Platinum offers, and for prizes with a value of more than $100.00, and eight Platinum offers within one day. Product Test Panel gives you 90 days from the time of registration to complete offers, and satisfy all other requirements. The registration page isn't like Product Test Panel, though it's similar to other gift program registration pages.

status page:

The status page is also completely different from Product Test Panel's.


url: http://www.rewardzoneusa.com/path.html?p=P...ZUSA_PP_5_2.htm


RewardZone USA
P.O. Box 461
New York, NY 10163

The RewardZone USA address out of New York is unlike Product Test Panel's addresses as well. Product Test Panel has always had physical addresses, and in places other than New York. As of now, RewardZone USA is its own independent DIY company, as I see no Product Test Panel connection. Both RewardZone USA and newgiftdepot.com/topbrandgifts.com sites should be avoided until they are proven legit.

My earnings from Apr 1 – Jun 1: $10.00 from Clorox; $75.00 in Tango cards, and a $30.00 virtual Visa from Toluna; $5.00 Tango Card from Media Insiders mobile app; $10.00 amazon code from SurveyScoutResearch; $185.00 in amazon from Memolink. It has been a good 2 months for me freebiewise! Please contact me for invitations to these points sites and survey panels. smile.gif

*links 'n such*

Amped Media--

http://premium-rewards.net/go/to/cd3f2a/ke...a32502/aid/1717 - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Visa gc

http://funprizes.us/go/to/f55a13/key/af84f...fdc37/aid/10879 - offers unknown /$1,000.00 Visa gc

http://premiumgiftrewards.net/go/to/8eee76...d3617e/aid/1717 - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Visa gc

http://premium-rewards.net/go/to/17c74b/ke...ae831d/aid/1717 - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Visa gc

http://premium-rewards.net/go/to/17c74b/ke...ae831d/aid/1717 - offers unknown/$1,000.00 Best Buy gc

Product Test Panel--

http://branddealonline.com/target3/index.p...amp;uniclk=true - 12 offers, 3 refs/$1,000.00 Target gc + misc. gifts

http://branddealonline.com/bbnew/index.php...amp;uniclk=true - 12 offers, 3 refs/$1,000.00 Best Buy gc + misc. gifts

http://branddealonline.com/bbb/index.php?l...amp;uniclk=true - 12 offers, 3 refs/$500.00 Bed Bath & Beyond gc + misc. gifts

http://digitalbrandrewards.com/gas/index.p...mp;uniclk=false - 12 offers, 3 refs/$500.00 gas card of your choice + misc. gifts

Good info this month. newgiftdepot.com/topbrandgifts.com updates, Dan Lettler and Sandra Skiops, new companies!! Not to mention its my 5th anniversary. I'm just so happy to share it with you all. I plan on throwing myself a mini party for our blog's success. This truly has been a wonderful experience for me; met a lot of great people, built contacts with major corporations and, more importantly, I have helped others. And I can continue to though I'm taking time off from now until October. Please read the second paragraph.

Starting now, I will have the summers off, and the month of September, before I blog again. The reason is that I have gotten busier in my personal life, and it will give me more time to conduct my investigations and gather info between each post. However, my most recent entries will be updated EVERY month with new links. For example, when I am gone in July, I will update June's blog with new links. So please check back often. I'd like to think less posts make it easier for the reader to keep up with my ramblings. It also greatly reduces my workload, and I am not rushed to get the information out there every two months. I have given this a lot of thought, and think I made the right decision.

Hurry on over to Part 2. of our anniversary blog for new info on I-Deal and the Consumer Gain case!

See you there...


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