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FlashiPods4Free Completed!

Posted by MyEasyFreebie, Oct 22 2006, 12:41 PM

Finally, FlashiPods4Free is finished for me! My last referral was especially have some problems: his first offer didn't credit but I guess he didn't want me to have to wait on a no-credit report so he did another, and THAT didn't credit! He did a no-credit report, then his account showed green but it appeared from my account that it wasn't - a glitch in TRAINN's system. In the end I got my green and he's got his money tongue.gif.

I'm in approval as of yesterday.

I originally choose a iPod Video 30GB I was going to sell to my dad, but now I'm having second thoughts. So I decided to keep it when it comes! Then I changed my mind again. I think I want to cash out for $250 PayPal and get a 80GB off eBay! I would love comments on what to choose blink.gif.

That's all for now. I'm just happy I finally finished it. I'm not doing any free sites now at the moment, besides running my own network MyEasyFreebie (we launched! yay!). Maybe I'll do another TRAINN site.


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