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By: gogoWes
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Places to Try First Please do not use this Contact Us forum unless you have a question that cannot be answered either on the forum or on our Ticket System. Pretty much any question about the forum can be asked in our A4F Help and Support forum. Or if you have a New Trader type question or if you simply want to know how things work around here, you should use our Freebie University forum. If your question or request is private and therefore cannot go on the forums, you can use our Ticket System. All 3 of those places will be responded to MUCH quicker than email support will be, so you definitely want to consider one of those 3 options before choosing to instead submit an email below.

To ask your question, go into the right area by clicking one of the below links, then click the New Topic button towards the top right side of the page.

A4F Help and Support forum
Freebie University forum
Ticket System

Also, if you are a new trader who just registered you should see a New Member Important Information box on the right hand side of the page, towards the top. Click that for some more good resources.

However, if your question is about login/registration issues and therefore you do not have the permission to post new topics or tickets, then feel free to proceed below. Just know that if you did already register but you are getting "no permission" errors, chances are you either aren't signed in, or you didn't click the Validation link from your Validation email you should've received upon registering. Go to your profile below and look at the Group it says you are in. If it says Validating, that means you need to validate your account first. Be sure to check your spam folder for the Validation Email and you can use the Resend Validation link that should be in your Member Bar.

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We do not charge for membership, therefore if you are requesting money back or to "cancel" your account then chances are you are confusing us with another paid service/site/offer like the one above. Please type "yes" to agree.

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