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By: gogoWes
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How would you rate this network's performance in the following areas?
5 - credits as stated [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
4 - credits better than many sites [ 1 ] ** [11.11%]
3 - crediting is average [ 1 ] ** [11.11%]
2 - credit times are slow [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
1 - crediting is very slow [ 3 ] ** [33.33%]
Offer Selection
5 - excellent offer selection [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
4 - good offer selection [ 1 ] ** [11.11%]
3 - offer selection is average [ 1 ] ** [11.11%]
2 - offer selection is poor [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
1 - very few offers available [ 3 ] ** [33.33%]
Customer Service/Support
5 - excellent; IM/live support or very fast email responses [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
4 - support is reliable, even if it takes a couple days [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
3 - support tickets are answered in a few days, sometimes not at all [ 1 ] ** [11.11%]
2 - support is very slow, mostly unhelpful or unavailable [ 1 ] ** [11.11%]
1 - support might as well not exist [ 3 ] ** [33.33%]
5 - gifts shipped regularly, status changes quickly, lightning fast! [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
4 - gifts ship regularly, ship times are pretty good [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
3 - shipping is spotty, wait times are just acceptable [ 1 ] ** [11.11%]
2 - shipping is very sporatic, wait times are long [ 1 ] ** [11.11%]
1 - I have not seen anything shipped in a long time and I'm worried [ 3 ] ** [33.33%]
This site deserves to be in:
Grade A [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
Grade B [ 1 ] ** [11.11%]
Grade C [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
Not Proven Legit [ 1 ] ** [11.11%]
Not Supported by A4F [ 3 ] ** [33.33%]
Total Votes: 9
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post Jan 5 2012, 09:43 AM
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You may vote in this poll if you have completed this site in the past or you are working on it presently. This will determine whether this network should be moved to a different grade or remain where it is; it is therefore an important poll so please only complete it seriously with your honest views. If you are a Site Owner and are found voting for your competition negatively just to make your site look good, appropriate actions will be taken!

Site owners and representatives should feel free to post how these issues have affected their site here.

This poll will gauge the general users’ opinions as to whether this site deserves to stay in this grade or not. Your votes and comments are much appreciated.
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post Jan 16 2012, 01:46 PM
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Innovus Net

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I don't know who is voting in these polls, but they are obviously not members of ours, and I'd like to address some of these votes, since the ones who are making these selections, are not posting as to why they'd vote on some categories:

2 - credit times are slow
1 - crediting is very slow

Our Crediting is NOT slow. We run mostly the same offers with the affiliates with the same affiliates as all the rest of the networks. Both Referral Riot & Prize Fast are on FSR scripts, again same as most other networks. We don't chase rates either, we leave offers where they are if they are crediting well to insure the best experience for our members.

2 - offer selection is poor
1 - very few offers available

See above. We will not run offers that do not credit well. As new offers become available, we will try them, but we'll pull them immediately if we see any complaints at all, which is quite rare. We also do not run all the offers that some network do just to have a large selection, because there are some bad crediting offers out there and we won't take part in those!

2 - support is very slow, mostly unhelpful or unavailable
1 - support might as well not exist

There is absolutely no truth in this. With Bonnie who has over 6 years of experience in support handling tickets every day, at least a dozens times a day, all tickets are generally addressed immediately if not within an hour. She has a great deal of experience so all questions are answered! Additionally, both Deb and myself help out.

2 - shipping is very sporatic, wait times are long
1 - I have not seen anything shipped in a long time and I'm worried

This is even more ridiculous than the rest. We ship out every day at least 4-5 times a day. Orders are approved and shipped within a one hour period generally, the longest wait ever being no more than 2 hours. You may not see a lot of proofs posted here as I remember our last referral race, the members chose to avoid for some reason posting proofs on A4F and instead posted the proofs from trades here on various other forums. But, with payments going out constantly throughout the day, there is no reason for anyone to vote like this has happened here. I can only assume these votes are for reasons other than what the polls are for.

If there's a problem, it would be nice if those who vote so negatively would state why. Because to me at this point, there's a great deal of invalidity to the polls when abused like this.

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