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A4F Announces the Release of our: Official Freebie Wiki!

October 27th, 2007 by Schoolis
Filed under: Free Site News

After several months of behind the scenes work and preparation, we can announce the public release of our very own Free Stuff Wiki @!

This proud day for A4F is being marked with an excellent promotion, sponsored by the Free4Me network, in which an iPod Touch will be the First Prize! Details are below.

What will the wiki be?

* A perfect place for new people interested in making money online to familiarize themselves with anything and everything free. Just click the Freebie Guide and you’ll be on your way!

* A place for freebie veterans to utilize as a dictionary of sorts anytime they need to look up an offer; or where to find certain freebies; or just what exactly happened to Network A many moons ago; what was the exact date Network B introduced the 90 day policy; etc. etc.


* A place for site owner and representatives to give a background of their company and an overview as to what makes their company great; including list of offers, sites, prizes, creation date, history, etc.
* Just like Wikipedia, there really is no limit as to what it can be.
Thanks to many hours of tireless work, A4F has made the Wiki totally and fully integrated with A4F membership. This means that there will be no need to re-register, we purchased the better version with incredible features including transparent accounts for both the forums and wiki. Just click the link at the bottom of this page ( and you should be signed in and ready to go!

Grand Opening Contest

Free4Me has generously agreed to sponsor this contest, and is offering prizes for the top contributors! The prizes are as follows:

1st Place: iPod Touch or PayPal equivalent
2nd Place: iPod Nano or PayPal equivalent
3rd Place: iPod Shuffle or PayPal equivalent
The winners will be selected via personal and public nominations based on criteria such as quality and quantity of wiki content contributed. This contest is open to everyone except A4F Administrators and begins today! The contest will be open for 30 days, and ends at 12:00 Noon EST on Tuesday, November 27th.

So start writing and Good Luck!

Unleash the fury that is Wiki at Anything4Free:

Further Details:
The wiki is editable and can and will be customized further as time goes on and the wiki gets bigger and bigger. The current outlined structure is as follows:

  • A Page for Every Network/Site
  • A Page for Every Offer
  • A Page for Every A4F User (by default, already there in the form of user=MEMBER-NAME)
  • A HUGE A4F Most Awesomest Freebie Guide For Beginners Page
  • A Page for Every Freebie Item with the word free in front of it, e.g.
  • A port of our Ultimate FAQ


  • Guests cannot edit/create articles or discussions but can freely view all public aspects.
  • Members/Site Owners/Staffers will be able to edit and create articles. This is obviously a large area of concern (spam, cancellation talk, etc.) but hopefully our system of moderation will prove effective.
  • A4F staff will have moderating capabilities to undo bad edits and delete spam and keep the wiki tidy and efficient for all members to use!

Porting the Pro and Blue skins to the wiki will happen eventually so it could look just like the skin you use on the forums. This feature is being worked on now and should be implemented soon!

Due credit goes to all the higher members of staff who have worked incredibly hard for an awesome Wiki to be created which will make A4F an indispensable resource for all those interested in the freebie industry. Credit also goes to emoney for much of the wording used in this article and for getting the ball rolling by creating an A4F wiki page for us to work on!
Many thanks to those who have already started posting in the Wiki and to all those who will start posting in the Wiki to add to the knowledge resource.




October 25th, 2007 by melmarie80
Filed under: A4F News

On Anything4Free, we have a forum just for congas.

A conga circle is basically a group of people that are trying to get referrals from people who join the conga after them. All congas start with one person on top. You can be this one person on top by being the first one to post your referral link for a new site. Then, when users start to sign up for that person, they get added too. To be added to a conga, you must complete an offer for one of the Top 3 users. (There are arrows pointing to the top users) Once you sign up, post in the correct format listed on the first post of the conga. Once you do this, you will be added to the Pending section. Then, wait until your offer credits and post that your offer has completed and you will be added to the actual rotation of the conga. A conga rotates every Monday (except when it first opens, it is rotated on the second Monday after opening), meaning the Top 3 get moved to the bottom, and the next group of 3 gets moved to the top.

So why not try one of A4F’s congas and get your chance of getting 3 referrals for free? To join a conga, simply follow the directions on the first page of the conga.

Click on any or all of the congas to get started!

Proven Legit Sites

Free Green’s from V-Bux

October 24th, 2007 by melmarie80
Filed under: Free Site News, V-Bux

V-Bux is giving away free greens. If you sign up using their Promotion referral link, they will waive your offer requirements. But that’s not all…the first 3 people to place an order on their site, that used the Promotional referral link, will receive an iPod Nano. So hurry and sign up, this free green promotion only lasts until the end of October!

Click here to read the original announcement! V-Bux is a Grade B Network.

Free4Every1’s Double Credit Promotion

October 23rd, 2007 by melmarie80
Filed under: Free Site News

F4E1 logo

Free4Every1 is having an AWESOME promotion! If you love no credit card offers, this is the promotion for you:

We now have all our non credit card required offers on our credit card sites. That is almost 100 new no credit card needed offers.

If you did not know about the update yesterday we changed our payouts to $50 a ref on our sites.

So this means that you can get $50 for some easy non cc offers.

However it gets better. We are offering the best promo to go with this great update. What is better than non cc offers starting at 1/2 credits.

Well how about a double credit promotion. What that means is any non credit card offer you do on our credit card sites will count as double credit. In order to qualify for this it is real simple.

1. Do the offer.
2. Click to confirm that you have done the offer.
3. Go to No Credit Reports and open one for the offer you just did.
4. In the No Credit Report enter in your information.
5. In the copy of confirmation email field enter “extra credit for the double credit promo”.
6. In the comment field enter something funny since I like to laugh.
7. Submit the ticket and wait for credit.

We are now crediting about 5 times a day. If we do not get credit for the offer no credits will apply and both the completed offer and MCR will be denied.

This promotion will go on until the end of this month. Anything submitted after then will be denied.

What it means is we have full credit non cc offers on our cc sites. Until the end of the month. So you should have lots of fun with this one.

Check out Free4Every1’s Sites today!



To read or ask questions about this promotion, please read the original announcement here! Free4Every1 is a Grade B Network.

Git-R-Free Holds HUGE Promotion

October 16th, 2007 by melmarie80
Filed under: Free Site News

Git-R-Free is now holding a SUPER promotion.

(………..Starts banjo theme song………)First off we would like to thank ALL our users for continuing the Git-R-Free sites, we hope you’ve enjoyed your experience and continue to do just that.We are proud to announce that in just 6 months from launch we have established a strong presence as a reputable incentive rewards site, with a Grade C - Proven Legit Rating from, a 3.8 Overall Rating placing us in the Top 10 @ FreeIpodGuide Forums (FIPG), and a firm standing user-base who simply enjoy doing our sites.Why Choose Us?
- Take a look for yourself at our offer choices! Over 450+ Unique offers for those you are referring to try out, there truly is SOMETHING for EVERYONE!
- 100% LEGIT! - We’ve shipped just shy of $100,000 in Gifts/Prizes!
- Minimal Manual Credit Support (some offers still don’t allow them though)
- Fast Friendly Customer Support
- Advanced Pre-Authorization of all users (Telephone Verified accounts)
- Reasonable Payments! (Payments are going about once every other week)
- And @ Best The Coolest, Edgy, and Fun Sitename list you can find!We WANT you to try out our Sites, We WANT you to Refer somes friends, We WANT you get those items you always wanted, and We WILL help wherever we can to do just that.Take a step back from what you are doing and Step into the Git-R-Free Realm, you won’t regret it.With that Said I would like to Launch an OCTOBER REFERRAL CONTEST, Starting TODAY Oct. 8th 2007 and will end on Nov. 8th 2007.

We will have an updated Leader board posted soon for your viewing pleasure as we did with our Last Referral Contest.

A few months ago we had a Referral Contest with $1,450 in Prizes that were sent out, We figured it’s time to try this again, but this time we will be doing $2,000 in Prizes.

The user with the MOST Referral Points by the end of Nov 8th, 2007 @ 11:59PM EST will win the following Prize:

1st - $1,000
2nd - $500
3rd - $250
4th - $150
5th - $100

This is open to ALL our sites: (portal site:
*Referrals on PoorFolk = 1/2 point
*Referrals on CashRewards, AppleProducts, and VideoGames = 1 points
*Referrals on CutTheGrass, MyBackYard, and GetSkinny = 2 points
*Referrals on BigScreens = 3 points
*Referrals on GetAround, DuctTapedBundles = 4 points

*Referrals must be “Green” with completed required offers for the site, and have a sign-up date Between 10/8/2007 - 11/8/2007

TO PARTICIPATE OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET TITLED “FALL REF CONTEST” on any of your Git-R-Free Accounts, and simply post “I WANT IN”

As an incentive to the referral contest, anyone who can accumulate 10 points can have 2 (two) free greens on “THEIR” choice of any 2 (two) sites on our network (must be signed up unreferred). And the first person that reaches 30 points will be sent $50.00 Instantly! (tie splits)

So Watcha Waiting for! You know Everyone and their brother, sister, aunt Ida, Uncle Jerry, cousin Charlie, 2nd cousin Willy, 6th cousin Junior and Grandpappies and Grandmamas have somethin’ they can try out on our sites so GET REFERin’!

(………..Fading out banjo theme song………)

Be sure to participate in this promotion for your chance to win $1000. Click here to read the original announcement.

Git-R-Free is a Grade C Network.

Clickperks’ NEW iPodTouch Site

October 16th, 2007 by melmarie80
Filed under: Free Site News


Clickperks has just opened a NEW Referral Site, iPodTouch.ClickPerks. Here are the free items you can get

  • iPod Touch 8GB - 5 Referrals
  • iPod Touch 16GB - 8 Referrals
  • $350 Cash - 7 Referrals

Right now Clickperks is holding an AWESOME promotion.

Through October 31st, 2007 - For every 5 people that join the Conga (by completing an offer), ClickPerks will choose one random person from those five and give them a FREE iPod Shuffle (your choice of color), FREE $25 Gift Certificate, Your Choice of Video Game (PS3, Wii, or 360 up to $59.99), and 25 PerkPoints! That’s a 1 in 5 chance of winning this $190 value bundle. This is NOT limited to just 5 people. For every 5 people who sign up to the Conga we will award another prize package.

So hop on the Anything4Free Conga NOW!

Clickperks is a Grade B Network and an Anything4Free Sponsor.

Weekly iPod Nano Giveaway from ZeroPricetags

October 2nd, 2007 by melmarie80
Filed under: Free Site News, ZeroPricetags

ZPT promo

ZeroPricetags will be giving away a new 8GB iPod Nano every week during October.

Here are the details on how to participate:

  • One 8 GB iPod Nano will be awarded per week of October in a raffle.
  • You must cash out $200 or more in a single order to be considered an entry.
  • You can have more than one entry. For instance, cashing out two orders of $200 in the same week would get you two entries in that weekly drawing.
  • Monday through Sunday till midnight are when entries can be counted for the week’s drawing on the following Monday.

ZeroPricetags is a Grade B Network and an Anything4Free Sponsor. Click here to read the original announcement.

Be sure to check out ZeroPricetags today!

V-Bux User Receives $4900!

October 2nd, 2007 by melmarie80
Filed under: Free Site News, V-Bux

V-Bux banner

Congratulations to diny42 on receiving $4900 from the V-Bux Network.

She had this to say about V-Bux:

Very user friendly sites
Quick approvals and fast payouts
Awesome support anytime you need it with super quick response time
Great sites to choose from with a variety of offers and a great selection of prizes

All of the above add up to one thing….a great experience when you choose V-Bux!

Please click here to check out diny42’s proof thread. Don’t forget to congratulate her on an awesome job of getting 49 referrals and $4900.

Try V-Bux now and become their next success story.

Get your Mobile Gadgets with the NEW Free4Me Site

September 26th, 2007 by melmarie80
Filed under: - Free4Me Network, Free Site News

Free4Me has just launched a new site, FreeMobile4Me.

FreeMobile4Me is a normal 1 credit site (1/2 and full credit offers only) with an AWESOME referral rate of $50 a ref. This site offers VERY unique gifts:

  • Dual 12-Inch Bandpass Sub System OR $200 Paypal - 4 Referrals
  • Whistler Radar/Laser Detector OR $100 Paypal - 2 Referrals
  • Pyle DVD/CD/MP3 Am/Fm Receiver with 2.5-Inch LCD Screen OR $200 Paypal - 4 Referrals
  • Panasonic 8-Disc CD/DVD Video Changer with Remote OR $350 Paypal - 7 Referrals
  • Quantum Video System Overhead 7-Inch DVD player OR $599 Paypal - 12 Referrals
  • Headrest with 7-Inch Built-in LCD Monitor OR $250 Paypal - 5 Referrals
  • Scytek VisionGuard Security & Remote Engine Starter System with Built-in Camera OR $400 Paypal - 8 Referrals
  • Rockford Fosgate 4 Channel Bridgeable Amplifier OR $350 Paypal - 7 Referrals
  • Garmin Rino Handheld GPS Navigator and 2-Way Radios OR $500 Paypal - 10 Referrals
  • $300 Paypal - 6 Referrals
  • $450 Paypal - 9 Referrals
  • $150 Paypal - 3 Referrals

Free4Me is also holding a Promotion with the release of FreeMobile4Me. The first two users to cash out with 12 referrals will receive a Cash bonus. Click here to read the original announcement.
Free4Me is a Grade A Proven Legit Site. Feel free to sign up for the newly started conga.

Trainn Launches 2 NEW Sites

September 7th, 2007 by melmarie80
Filed under: - Transcendent Innovations, Free Site News

Apple announced yesterday about their new iPod Touch. To celebrate this awesome news, Trainn has launched a new site: YouriPodTouch.

YouriPodTouch offers the following prizes:

  • $350 Cash - 7 referrals
  • $350 Apple Gift Card - 7 referrals
  • 8 GB iPod Touch - 5 referrals
  • 16 GB iPod Touch - 8 referrals

The iPod Touch features a 3.5-inch widescreen display, Wi-Fi capability, slick and revolutionary multi-touch interface, and music downloads straight from iTunes, bringing the world of digital media to the palm of your hands.


Also, Trainn has launched a new site geared towards a variety of Apple stuff, YourFreeiStuff.

YourFreeiStuff offers the following prizes:

  • 8 GB iPod Nano - 4 referrals
  • 20 inch Cinema - 13 referrals
  • 160 GB iPod Classic - 8 referrals
  • 8 GB iPhone - 8 referrals
  • 40 GB Apple TV- 6 referrals
  • $300 Cash - 6 referrals

Whether you want to pick a Cinema display, an Apple TV or just need an extra iPod or Phone, YourFreeiStuff has the gift for you.

Trainn has been a Grade A site on Anything4Free for a very long time. They have been around since January of 2005. They have always been known for excellent support, crediting and innovative sites.

Click here to join a conga.

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