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Black Friday Referral Race

Swift Rewards is holding a

Black Friday Referral Race

This referral race starts on the 1st and ends at 11:59 PST on the 26th, the night before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving day we’ll do the final count and send your prizes, so that you can shop on our tab on Black Friday.

You receive points for each completed referral, and the person with the most points will win (with a prize also going to the runner up). Here is the breakdown of how many points each referral is worth: ($80/ref) - 80 Points ($60/ref) - 60 Points ($60/ref) - 60 Points ($40/ref) - 40 Points ($40/ref) - 40 Points ($40/ref) - 40 Points ($25/ref) - 25 Points

The prizes are…
1st Place: $400
2nd Place: $100

For more information on this promo, please click HERE!

4 Responses to “Black Friday Referral Race”

  • bnkm, Says:

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  • bnkm, Says:

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  • Nelson Behrman Says:

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  • Penelope49371 Says:

    Thanks a great deal of! We will only thank God for what He is provided.

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