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CONGA of the WEEK ~ Get 20,000 Points

Monday, September 29th, 2008
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HD.Free4Me is this week’s CONGA of the WEEK!  This week’s CONGA of the WEEK also involves A4F points.  Anyone who goes green under the conga will receive 20,000 points.  These points are good for Arcade games, casino, and other special perks!  Here are the following prizes on HD.Free4Me:

  • $300 Paypal (4 Referrals)
  • $599 Paypal (8 Referrals)
  • $800 Paypal (10 Referrals)
  • Audiovox 15-Inch HD TV with DVD Player (5 Referrals) (or $375 Paypal)
  • Monster Cable HD Video Outlet (2 Referrals) (or $150 Paypal)
  • Safety 1st HD Digital Video Monitor (3 Referrals) (or $225 Paypal)
  • Samsung 27-Inch HDTV (7 Referrals) (or $525 Paypal)
  • Samsung DVD Home Theater System (5 Referrals) (or $375 Paypal)
  • Samsung HD-DVD Blu-Ray Player (8 Referrals) (or $599 Paypal)
  • Sangean HD Radio Receiver (3 Referrals) (or $225 Paypal)
  • Sony HD Camcorder (9 Referrals) (or $699 Paypal)
  • TiVo HD Digital Recorder (8 Referrals) (or $599 Paypal)

Get started NOW!


Saturday, July 5th, 2008
Posted in - Free4Me Network, Free Site News

What is ZogoPoints?

Peter from Free4Me answers that question:  “We have thought for a while about what kind of website we could have next, and we decided that we needed a paid shopping website to add to our lineup. But that is not all! We know that FreeGifts4Me did not recreate what FreeTech4Me was, so we also wanted to integrate doing offers for points into it as well. And naturally, you can get a percentage of what your referrals make as well. But that still is not all! We are introducing the ZogoPoints leadership board, a daily updated list of the Top 10 most active users (as decided by both their own and their referral activities), and each month, starting in July, these users will be rewarded with extra gifts, the top spot taking home a really sweet prize wink.gif.

We also have created a dynamic referral system. No longer will you be getting a straight 10% for your referrals earnings for life, every month the referral promotion will change to reward you for both existing and new referrals, with even bigger incentives if you can get a refer a certain amount of new users in a month!

This is just the beginning. We are going to be constantly updating ZogoPoints with new shops and offers, and soon we will be offering surveys for points as well as special offers via email. We are open to any suggestions you guys have, we want to make this site the next big thing smile.gif. So whether you want to shop at your favorite stores online, try some offers, or just refer your shopaholic friends, ZogoPoints has something for you! Check it out smile.gif

To celebrate the opening of ZogoPoints, they are holding a fantastic promotion!  There will be prizes for the top 10 users on the ZogoPoints Leadership Board for July. The ZogoPoints Leadership Board lists the top 10 (in order) most active users based on their earnings as well as their referrals and the earnings of their referrals. To kick off the site with a bang, we are offering some huge prizes this month! The people in the respective spots on the top 10 on July 31, 2008 at 11:59 PM EST will win the following prizes:

  • 1 - 42″ Plasma TV
  • 2 - 80GB Playstation 3
  • 3 - Xbox 360
  • 4 - Magellan Maestro 4200 GPS
  • 5 - Nintendo DS Lite
  • 6 - 2GB iPod Shuffle
  • 7 - $50 Cash
  • 8 - $25 Cash
  • 9 - $10 Cash
  • 10 - $5 Cash

For more information about the new ZogoPoints site or promotion, check out the Free4Me Forum!

Get your Mobile Gadgets with the NEW Free4Me Site

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007
Posted in - Free4Me Network, Free Site News

Free4Me has just launched a new site, FreeMobile4Me.

FreeMobile4Me is a normal 1 credit site (1/2 and full credit offers only) with an AWESOME referral rate of $50 a ref. This site offers VERY unique gifts:

  • Dual 12-Inch Bandpass Sub System OR $200 Paypal - 4 Referrals
  • Whistler Radar/Laser Detector OR $100 Paypal - 2 Referrals
  • Pyle DVD/CD/MP3 Am/Fm Receiver with 2.5-Inch LCD Screen OR $200 Paypal - 4 Referrals
  • Panasonic 8-Disc CD/DVD Video Changer with Remote OR $350 Paypal - 7 Referrals
  • Quantum Video System Overhead 7-Inch DVD player OR $599 Paypal - 12 Referrals
  • Headrest with 7-Inch Built-in LCD Monitor OR $250 Paypal - 5 Referrals
  • Scytek VisionGuard Security & Remote Engine Starter System with Built-in Camera OR $400 Paypal - 8 Referrals
  • Rockford Fosgate 4 Channel Bridgeable Amplifier OR $350 Paypal - 7 Referrals
  • Garmin Rino Handheld GPS Navigator and 2-Way Radios OR $500 Paypal - 10 Referrals
  • $300 Paypal - 6 Referrals
  • $450 Paypal - 9 Referrals
  • $150 Paypal - 3 Referrals

Free4Me is also holding a Promotion with the release of FreeMobile4Me. The first two users to cash out with 12 referrals will receive a Cash bonus. Click here to read the original announcement.
Free4Me is a Grade A Proven Legit Site. Feel free to sign up for the newly started conga.

Free4Me Launches 3 New Sites

Monday, June 4th, 2007
Posted in - Free4Me Network, Free Site News

Free4Me has just launched 3 new sites. Accessories.Free4Me, and Green.Free4Me are completely new sites. GamesGifts is an old gambling site which has been purchased by Free4Me and refurbished to a freebie site.

Accessories.Free4Me offers some great accessories to the freebies that you already have. You can get accessories like a 5.1 component home theater, Xbox 360 Racing Wheel, a Gaming seat, plus many others. If the accessories aren’t your thing, you can always opt for cash.

Green.Free4Me is a site where you can earn some green. You can earn in a lot of denominations from $100 to $599. This is a referral based site where 3 referrals will get you $100.

GamesGifts is a points/referral based site where you do offers to earn points and then use those points to purchase some great gifts. You can earn all of your points through referrals and don’t need to do any offers yourself. The prizes here range from $50 Paypal (for 2 points) to $599 Paypal (for 13 points).

Free4Me is a Grade A site which has proven itself again and again. Click here, here and here to read the original announcements.

Free4Me Reinstates Paypal as an Option

Friday, June 23rd, 2006
Posted in - Free4Me Network, Free Site News

Paypal has done a full 360 in their treatment of freebie sites. So, Free4me has reinstated Paypal as a payment option. Here is the post from Free4Me Peter:

Well, so much for me trying to think ahead. It seems paypal has decided, thanks to kerms, to allow freebie site s now and has taken all the site owner accounts off of a limited status. I am going to leave paypal as a payment option, but I still am going to add supercertificates and checks to the bunch smile.gif. Sorry for all thr trouble caused, but I figured it would be better to be safe and announce removing paypal first, but apparently I should have waitied another day smile.gif

This is very good news for the freebie scene.

Click here to read the original post.

Free4Me’s 3 New Sites

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
Posted in - Free4Me Network, Free Site News

In honor of Free4Me’s birthday, Peter has, for your pleasure, released not one, not two, but three new sites. They are:

This site offers three Plasma TV’s - ranging from 26-50″, requiring 4-15 referrals respectively. This site, in Peter’s own words is designed to be a challenge! Similarly to hotstuff.free4me, this site requires two offers completed from page one, two offers from page two and one offers from page three.

Gaming.free4me gives you the option of:

  • Xbox 360 Bundle
  • Any Video Game
  • Playstation 3
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo DS Lite
  • $400 Paypal

It requires nine referrals in total, offes are the standard found on most free4me sites, and range from trials to gambling.

Peter has described this site as a trial. It’s Free4Me’s DIY site. It offers a $500 Visa gift card, and requires three offers to be completed from each page. It’s been suggested that if it’s a success, more DIY sites will be released!

Offers on page one are meant to be all non-CC offers, page two offers are all normal trials and page three offers are OOD. The final trick up Peter’s sleve is that anyone that completes any Free4me site this month will be entered into a prize draw. Four prizes of $250 are up for grabs and time’s running out, so get going!

To support Anything4Free, just sign up using any of the links above!

Happy Birthday To Free4Me!

Monday, May 8th, 2006
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Congratulations to one great year of the Free4Me network. Peter posted an official announcement, but here at A4F we would like to congratulate him on being so successful and having such a great network of sites that are grade A worthy.

To celebrate Free4Me’s birthday, Peter has launched two brand new sites, but that will have to wait till tomorrow night for us to share with you. We’ll make sure to give you a full round-up of the new sites, including their rather odd referral requirements.

Here is the copy of the announcement:

Hey Everyone,  

A year ago we officially launched the Free4Me Network, and since then we are happy to have become a successful grade A site on A4F. Before I get into the news, I wanted to get through the mushy part first. Thanks to everyone who has helped us evolve from FreeGear4Me.com to our network of over a dozen sites! Without you guys, we never would have gone anywhere! Thanks to you, we now boast tens of thousands of members across our sites and have shipped almost a half a million dollars in gifts!

Anyways, not like you guys care smile.gif. So the news. First and foremost, we have launched 3 new sites for your pleasure.

Plasmas.Free4Me.Net for those who want a challenge (and I mean it).
Gaming.Free4Me.Net for those who want just another ref site and maybe an xbox 360.
GiftCards.Free4Me.Net for those who wanted a DIY site (This is a test site to see how things go. If all goes well we’ll release a few more DIY sites. And just so you know, since the offers seem to have a problem displaying how many per page, it is three offers per page, the first has no ccs (you gotta find em in there), the second has all normal trials, and the third has oods.)

But that’s not all…

Since it’s our birthday, May is going to be all about the customer, and we are rewarding you guys for being so loyal to us. We are going to give away $250 to 4 lucky winners this month. What do you need to do? Simply order a gift from one of our three new sites! Each site you order from counts as one entry. At the end of the month, we will pick 4 random orders and aware those people $250 each for simply doing our sites! It can’t get much better than that wink.gif.

We also are going to be distributing some Free4Me propaganda to all our fans out there. Watch in the coming days for a special link to sign up for some 100% free stuff shipped to you just because you’re special biggrin.gif.

Thanks again everyone, and wait till you see what we have in store for you over this next year wink.gif.


Other sites eager to replace FreePay

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
Posted in - freepay™, - Any Gift Network, - Free4Me Network, Free Site News


With FreePay being demoted to grade C, other sites have recognized this as there opportunity to shine. Two new sites were launched today – and we can expect that more are on their way from other networks.

The first new site that came out today was planned for today, and ironically what a good day. The site is AnyGift4Seven.com, owned by Grade B owner Benjette.

The second and most recent is HotStuff.Free4Me.Net, launched just a few hours after the FreePay incident. The grade A site offers excellent referral rates and a new concept that rotates prizes offered on the front page to be only the latest and greatest gadgets (although the owner ensures the users that when the prizes rotate their gift will not need to be changed if it is no longer available on the front page).

With these two new sites, it looks like – although FreePay has made a serious mistake – other owners are happy to show that they can easily replace them.

Click here to sign-up and complete your offer for HotStuff.Free4Me.net and support Anything4Free!

New Free4Me Network Sites

Monday, February 6th, 2006
Posted in - Free4Me Network, Free Site News

Yesterday the popular, Grade A, Free4Me network gave their sites a complete revamp. The sites now have use a completely a brand new, customized script. The new script gives the sites a brand new, much more professional look.

One of the main new features with their new script is the “Free4Me Passport”. If you previously had an account on FreeGadgets4Me or FreeGear4Me, you’ll be able to login to any Free4Me site with the same user and password.

With their new scripts, Free4Me also launched two new sites, LCDs.Free4Me.net and Macs.Free4Me.net.

Anything4Free had the chance to interview Peter, the man behind the Free4Me network:-

A4F: First, can you tell us a bit about yourself, and what you do within Free4Me?

Peter: Well, as many of you know I am Peter, from Connecticut USA! Back in May of 2005 I decided that many of the freebie sites lacked on a few levels, and I wanted to make my own that could have great support, crediting, and provide for an overall fast experience. Right now I handle everything about the sites besides the technical parts!

A4F: You recently changed script, why was this? And can you name some of the benefits?

Peter: Our previous script, RAFS, is a script that almost every new site owner has. They all look the same, and as we have seen with recent attacks, RAFS sites are largely targeted by hackers. I decided that I needed to get a different script that would make my sites different from everyone elses and this was the product!

The script has several benefits. As you guys can see - it provides a much better interface first of all. The other benefit you guys can physically see if the new site types, for example the 2 new sites that need 2 or 3 offers to be completed. This allows referral rates to be reduced by more than 50%!

Also, the script allows all your accounts (besides FreeTech4Me) to be in one passport. You will find in the coming days that you will be able to log in at the central Free4Me Hub and view all your accounts and their statuses from one page!

A4F: You also opened two new sites, can you tell us a bit about them?

Peter: The two new sites are LCDs.Free4Me.Net and Macs.Free4Me.Net. I opened both because they have been popular items, and by combining the new multiple offers principal with high priced items these items can now be obtained without dozens of referrals!

A4F: What are you plans for 2006?

Peter: Well, now that FreeTech4Me has had a major update and so have my referral sites - the bigger things are coming. As of today I am officially beginning development of the next big thing - but don’t expect it for a few months. As you guys have seen I hate to have plain cookie cutter referral sites - so you can expect this next one to be very different.

A4F: Is there anything else you’d like to say to your users?

Peter: Well, I’d like to let them know that I’m sorry for the long downtime and the mishaps with the transfer from the old script to the new script - but I promise that it is for the better!

A4F: Thanks for the interview Peter, and all of us from Anything4Free wish the best of luck to you and your network for 2006.

Sign up to LCDs.Free4Me.net and Macs.Free4Me.net by clicking on any of the links in this story and you’ll be supporting A4F.

Story courtesy of Anything4Free UK.

Free4Me Network Moved to Grade A!

Sunday, January 8th, 2006
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First of all, congratulations to the Free4Me Network for being moved to Grade A right here on Anything4Free! We’ve included a copy of the announcement from Peter below. Congratulations, and thanks for being such a great site owner Peter! 

First of all, congratulations to the Free4Me Network for being moved to Grade A right here on Anything4Free! We’ve included a copy of the announcement from Peter below. Congratulations, and thanks for being such a great site owner Peter! 

Hey everyone,    

I am very excited to announce that the Free4Me Network has become the third Grade A website today on Anything 4 Free.

For those of you who don’t know much about us, we are a freebie network that started out back in May 2005, with one referral site, www.freegear4me.com. After that, instead of continuously opening normal referral websites we decided to open up a points site, www.freetech4me.com. FreeTech4Me has become one of the leading points websites and is now shipping thousands of dollars every week (all of our sites ship each Monday!). Our third website which launched in October (www.freegadgets4me.com) is a premier referral site with very low ref rates. Unlike many other networks instead of pumping out generic referral sites – we have spent more time perfecting them (most notably for FreeTech, however the other two sites have a big update coming too) and concentrating on fast support and payouts. If you haven’t checked out any of our sites – now is the time!

Without getting too mushy I would like to personally thank everyone who helped us get to this level, and for those who have supported us from the beginning. And if you’re wondering what’s coming up ahead – I’m not quite ready to tell – but be on the lookout for some exciting news in the distant future!


Click here to visit the Free4Me forum in the Anything4Free forums.

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