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Completing offers is one of the most important things to have a complete understanding of when doing freebies. If you complete offers incorrectly, you will not receive credit and thus not be able to receive your freebie.


Setting Up

Before you start, you need to make sure of a few things:

  1. Use Internet Explorer (recommended).
    • Other browsers, such as FireFox, are inconsistent with the way they handle cookies; they should be avoided when completing offers (unless you are an expert at completing offers).
    • This is because some freebie sites expect you to be running Internet Explorer, using cookies in a nonstandard way.
  2. Accept all cookies.
    • In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Settings and set it to "Accept All Cookies."
  3. Turn off Pop-Up Blocking.
    • Often times the offers appear in pop-up windows when you click on them. If you have not disabled pop-up blocking programs, you will not be able to complete an offer or view valuable information (such as the offer's TOS/T&C).
  4. Clear your cache / cookies.
    • Before you begin, make sure to clear your cache/cookies by going to Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies and Delete Files.
    • Close your browser and then start a new session.
    • This is crucial because if you have visited a free site and even clicked on an offer without completing it, a cookie was stored on your computer. This could prevent you from receiving credit for that offer, which is why clearing your cache/cookies is so important.
  5. Ensure that all filtering software is turned off. Many filtering solutions block advertisements which might impair the ability to track your offer.
  6. Disable and "undo" any program that has preset a list of sites to not visit. For example, programs called SpyBot and SpywareBlaster pre-fills a HUGE list of sites they think is bad... some of which include advertiser's sites. You will need to remove these sites, do your offer, then re-add the sites if you wish.

Signing Up

  1. First, make sure that you have the correct referral link.
    • Double-check with the person you are signing up under to verify that you have the correct link. Not doing so may cause you to sign up under someone else... which will spell disaster later on.
  2. Next, make sure that when you navigate to the web page that it says "Referred by ____."
    • Sometimes freebie sites do not show this, but when they do, you want to make sure it shows you were referred by the correct person.
  3. Sign up with your REAL personal information.
    • If you don't, you are committing fraud and will be disqualified from receiving your freebie. This information is used to ship your free gift to you, so make sure it's accurate.
  4. Once you sign up, verify with your referrer that you are listed in his/her referral list.
    • Sometimes it may take a few minutes, but if after a while you are not listed as his/her referral, check to make sure you signed up under that person correctly by opening a support ticket with the free site.

Completing the Offer

  1. Browse through the list of advertising offers and click on an offer that interests you.
    • It is important that you select an offer that you are genuinely interested in, because cancellations hurt the freebie industry.
  2. Before proceeding, carefully read and print out the offer's Terms of Service/Terms and Conditions.
    • This will tell you everything you need to know about how much the offer costs, what the offer entails, how long the trial period is (if applicable), any additional charges that may apply, and how to contact customer service (in case you have problems with the offer, such as never receiving the product).
  3. Use the same personal information for the offer that you used when signing up with the freebie site.
    • Name, email, and address should all be the same because this information is matched against the information you used to sign up with the freebie site. Also, this is where the advertising companies will be shipping your product!
  4. Save and/or print a copy of your confirmation code/page.
    • Once the offer is complete, you will often see a "Thank you" or "Confirmation of Order" page containing an order number or confirmation code. Keep this, as you may need it later.

Receiving Credit

  1. After completing the offer, you should receive a confirmation email from the advertiser that confirms you completed the offer and your credit card was charged (if applicable).
    • It is important to save this confirmation email because it is your proof that you completed the offer should you have to file a MCR.
  2. When the advertiser of the offer sends confirmation to your freebie site, your account is credited with that "green".
  3. After your account has been credited with the green, you are one step closer to receiving your freebie!

Crediting Issues

If you do not receive credit, keep in mind:

  1. It's not the fault of the freebie site.
  2. You cannot receive credit by contacting the offer company. Calling them will do no good and will only imply to them that you are not interested in their product/service, but only your credit.
  3. You cannot complete an offer a second time because you were not credited.
  4. Do not cancel offers immediately simply because you did not receive credit.
  5. Signing up for offers and not trying them is fraud.
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