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Network Information
Grade A
Proven Legit Yes
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CC Sites Yes
Non-CC Sites Yes
DIY Sites Yes

Free4Me (Also know as F4M) is one of the top freebie networks today. With top-of the line gifts offered for free, Free4Me has reached the top of the freebie industry in the years that it has been in business.

Free4Me is also the generous sponsor of the A4F Wiki Kick-Off Contest!

Free4Me is ranked Grade A, the highest possible, on Anything4Free.



Free4Me Network, LLC was officially started in May 2005 with one site, Since then, Free4Me has grown with over 30 sites including 3 networks.

In January 2007, Free4Me acquired The site is a points/referal combination website, so regardless of whether you like to do offers yourself or get friends to complete offers - or a combination of both - then this site is for you!


Free4Me is a unique site in many ways, with great features. With a wide variety of sites, users can choose from many gifts, not only including consumer electronics. Free4Me also has many great and easy offers, making it a very beginner friendly site. Support is pristine, with AIM support, support tickets, and great A4F support. Free4Me has a very efficient payout and approval system, with weekly payouts.

Free4Me offers Paypal for EVERY Gift option on every site within the network. Users can choose Paypal or Business Check for their cash payment method in lieu of choosing a physical gift item.


Free4Me has a large variety of offers, many of which are full credit. Offers can be viewed here on the portal page after logging in:

Sites and Prizes Offered - This site is a no Credit Card required site, and offers $50 paypal. - This site offers $100 via paypal. - This site offers $250 via paypal. - This site offers $500 via paypal. - This site offers different gaming accessories, such as sounds systems, screens, game bundles, and gaming keyboards. - This site offers the latest electronics, such as iPods, portable gaming systems, GPS systems, and laptops. - This site offers all of the latest gaming systems, portable gaming systems, and video games. It also offers paypal. - This site offers cool gear, including Nintendo DS's, iPods, Digital Cameras, Surround Sound Systems, Zunes, and Apple TVs. - This site offers Visa giftcards and paypal. - This site offers different amounts of paypal. - This site offers digital cameras, PCs, printers, PDAs and more. - The site offers iPhones and different Apple products. - This site offers all the new iPods and iPod accesories. - This site offers different laptops. - This site offers different LCD computer monitors. - This site offers different Mac computers and laptops. - This site offers different things for your car, such as sound systems and radios. - This site offers different plasma TVs. - This site offers Playstation 3 systems and video games. - This site offers Nintendo Wiis and games. - This site offers Xbox 360 systems, video games, and gaming accessories. - This site offers Gaming Systems, Video Games, and Paypal.

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