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Winzy is a Search & Win program where users can win points and prizes by searching the web. For each search you do on Winzy, you earn points and/or prizes ranging from gift cards to iPods. The number of paid searches per day is capped at 50. You can also earn points by promoting Winzy. Every time a friend joins under you on Winzy, you earn 250 extra points. In addition, if your friend wins a prize on Winzy, so do you! Each month, your points are deducted from your account and entered into a sweepstakes. The more points you have, the better your chances of winning. Monthly prizes are changed on a regular basis. U.S. residents 13 and older are eligible to participate on Winzy.


  • Search & Win - as simple as it sounds, just Search & Win. It is very similar to Blingo's system.
  • Arcade - you can bet points on games in Winzy's Arcade and significantly increase or decrease your points.
  • Referrals - every prize your referral wins, you win too!

Upgrading Accounts

On Winzy there are two possible upgrades to your account

  • Becoming a Gold Star Member - to become a Gold Star Member you must download the Winzy toolbar. Once becoming a Gold Star Member you receive the following benefits:
    • Your first 50 searches each day are eligible to win an instant prize
    • You now earn 2x Points for each Winzy search
    • You can now earn up to 100 points each day
    • You are automatically entered into the month-end iPod Giveaway limited to Gold Star members
    • You should see a gold star Upgrade next to your account status
  • Joining the Winzy Fan Club - to join the Winzy Fan Club you must refer a friend to the website. To become a permanent fan, you must invite at least 5 members. Winzy Fan Club members receive the following benefits:
    • You earn 250 Winzy points for each new Winzy friend
    • You are automatically entered into our month-end Xbox or $300 Cash sweepstakes for every friend that joined during that month.
    • You have exclusive access to new games at the Winzy Arcade.
    • You should see a Upgrade next to your account status

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